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German Schnitzel Haus & Brick Oven Pizza - Jacksonville, FL

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I’m sad to report the death of really darn good pizza... Before it was the German Schnitzel Haus the joint was called Coals Pizza - Coals was a nice neighborhood pizza joint with a huge wood burning brick oven. Well the huge wood burning brick oven is still there but the pizza has gone to the birds... Actually I don’t think any self respecting birds would eat it... Ok, It’s not quite that bad but it used to be some of the best pizza in town until it went German. The thing that sticks out in my mind is the crust has changed. It used to be light, crisp, and very tasty - now it’s heavy and instead of baking right on the oven floor they use a pan? What’s up with that? Bye Bye crisp crust... They also went from getting nice strip sausage from NYC to some German brand that’s not as good... I ate it because I was hungry but I’m sad to report - I don’t see myself going back. I give it a D


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German Schnitzel Haus & Brick Oven Pizza - Jacksonville, FL