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More Chocolate Show Videos

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A few more videos from the New York Chocolate Show are in! You can get many great gift ideas for the holidays from these chocolatiers and authors. Everyone has a dessert lover on their list! Contact me with any questions if you are looking for something specific.

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how was the show? how many people? how much free chocolate? details please.
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Let's put it this way. I didn't need coffee for about 2 days! Hundreds of people attend over 3 days. Every booth has free samples plus you can buy things too. Many New York stores set up but there is a mix from all over the world. It's very well done and worth attending if you love dessert! They also offer cooking demos by celebrity chefs and book signings.
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Hello Monica... I'm casting a new show in Hollywood and we are in seach of a talented Chocolatier...please let me know if you're interested or if you know anyone that might be. Details follow. Thanks :) ------------- Major Television Network is searching worldwide for people who can create fascinating sculptures, centerpieces, desserts, with chocolate. An entire docu-series will be fashioned around the person(s) who fascinate us with their skill, creativity, passion, and sense of fun with chocolate. We are not looking for any specific type of person...but rather an artist, a savant, a master of creativity with chocolate and all its potential! Our ideal star of show will be: -Talented -Able to create a clients vision and deliver a chocolate masterpiece for their special event -Camera-friendly, as in expressive, and talkative. -Able to join forces with other creative people to make incredible sculptures etc This is an extremely classy, upscale, fun project being produced by an extremely respected production company and cable network. Please send a brief paragraph or two about yourself, or the person you are referring, a picture and of course your contact information to
More Chocolate Show Videos