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Pressure cookers

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Pressure cooker is an indispensible gadget in my kitchen. We Indians use it everyday, to make rice, daal, cook some vegetables, to make idlis, and so many other dishes. In India, the first thing any parent buys for the newly wed couple’s kitchen is a pressure cooker.

I am always amazed to see recipes for soups and stews that call for cooking time of 1 hr or so. Why not use a pressure cooker? The cooking time can be reduced to just minutes.

Here are a few more advantages of using a pressure cooker:


1) Increases the nutritional value – Foods are cooked in a sealed, virtually oxygen free environment and hence the water-soluble vitamins and minerals are not cooked away.

2) Reduces cooking time

3) Uses less energy

 And most importantly, makes my life easy


The pressure cookers that are now in the market are very safe and easy to use. You can cook soups, stews, vegetables, meat and even some desserts in a pressure cooker.

 You can buy pressure cookers of various sizes. The pressure pans are very useful too.

 You have a pressure cooker and you know that if nothing then you can atleast have a decent meal of Daal -Chawal.



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You are absolutely correct. A pressure cooker is the quintessential gadget for any Indian Cook.
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Pressure cookers just aren't that popular with Americans. Not too sure why. I have a Duerotherm Pressure Cooker rom Switzerland and love it. Anytime I mention using a pressure cooker I hear comments of aren't you afraid it will blow up? I think horror stories of a pressure cooker blowing up has frightened many off of them here. In both Europe and India they are quite common place for sure. I keep thinking I might buy a pressure canner, but I mainly can pickles and tomato sauces and both are safe in basic water bath so why spend the money. American Brand canners run over $300! Shanti/Mary-Anne
Pressure Cookers