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Lavish green " Redd" restaurant which has lot of french,Italian, Spanish, American food orientations, is a great treat in it self. Rocking collection of Chinese, Japanese foods are another great attraction. Also know for huge wine collection from world over, is a must visit for connoisseurs!

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Redd is a locla favourite here. One dish that is touted is their Glazed pork belly with fig purée. BTW Yountville is in the heart of the wine producing Napa Valley. Take a look-yummy stuff is served and poured According to Zagat - Redd is a Top Newcomer: Among this year's newcomers the category winner for the entire Bay Area is Redd Restaurant. Surveyors reported that it "hits the high notes – very high." And the SF Chronicle rates it in the top 100 forthe SF Bay Area, patio excellent in fine weather which is pretty much year round, as the dining room is very noisey. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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