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"What the Great ate?" Celebrities and Food trivia.

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Do you love reading up about the eccentricities of celebrities? Are you a foodie? Then the book "What the Great Ate: A Curious History of Food and Fame",  is just the book for you. This book has a massive collection of amusing food trivia about their food preferences and attitudes about food!! 

What the great ate? - Book Cover

The book published by Three Rivers Press of Random House is written by brothers Mathew and Mark Jacob. They have spent almost two years foraging for this trivia from biographies and the like and it seems like they enjoyed putting together the book just as much as everyone is enjoying reading the book! The book has received brilliant reviews and you will not wonder why once you take a look at the following excerpts:

  • At the age of 13, Ernest Hemingway was made to cook and eat the porcupine he killed as a punishment by his father. Ironically, he continued eating a number of strange food in his life.
  • Alexander the Great actually banned the chewing of mint as he felt that it would excite his men sexually and distract them from the battle.
  • Boxer, Joe Louis drank blood directly from the slaughter house because his coach assumed that it would make him tougher.
  • We are making Spaghetti!! Seems like an ordinary phrase right? But to Benito Mussolini‘s wife it meant that he will be dueling illegally later in the day.
  • The credit to writing the first recipe for ice cream goes to none other than President Thomas Jefferson.
  • It seems like pitcher Rube Waddell's had an addiction to eating animal crackers because his roommate Ossie Schreckengost refused to sign his contract with the team unless Rube stopped having animal crackers in the night!
  • The pitcher Dizzy Dean really loved to fry eggs..especially on the dugout roof on hot days!!    
  • While on a road trip Roberto Clement was attacked by armed men after he had just left a restaurant with fried chicken. He was stripped to his underwear, his wallet and All-Star Game ring was taken from him. When they realized who he was they let him go but to his dismay they returned again. But this  time they had come to return the Fried Chicken!!

It is definitely a good read and I think you should rush to your nearest book store and get your hands on "What the Great Ate: A Curious History of Food and Fame"?!  Go to this site, to get links from where you can buy the book or go directly to Amazon.

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"What The Great Ate?" Celebrities And Food Trivia.