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Magnetic Spice Rack Hack

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I received a Magnetic Spice Rack for my birthday. I had been envying
them ever since I saw them on the inside of Alton Browns cabinets. I
priced out the canisters and was sorely disappointed. They were $3.99 a
piece or $29.99 for seven. I found this set for $19.99 at Costco. It had
12 containers and the rack to support them. That's $1.66 a piece for
the containers.


Two problems though. It has a fold out stand so you can put it on the
counter top or holes in the back for hanging.

Problem one; who has that much free counter space, certainly not me
and problem two; I have even less wall space to hang it. The rack is
also too big to hang inside the cabinets, I just don't have that kind of
space between the shelves.

My solution? After measuring the inside of my cabinets I headed
straight for the hardware store. Where I picked up six 12" by 1"
stainless steel strips and a roll of double stick mounting tape.

I would fasten the metal strips to the inside of a cabinet door. I
chose the one closest to my stove so it would be handy while cooking.

First lay out two metal strips,


then apply the double stick tape,


turn the strips over (don't remove the backing) and align the strips
using two of the containers,


line up where you want the strips to go. I marked the spot with a
pencil and used a small torpedo level. Once you are satisfied with the
placement remove the tape backing and apply to the door. Press fimly.


Remember to leave room for the selves.  I aligned them to put two
under the shelf and on above.


Here it is with the three rows.


It worked out great! Now my most used spices a right at hand and I
don't have that big rack taking up space in my kitchen.

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Magnetic Spice Rack Hack