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About SolMaya at Comida Latina

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Solmaya Girls At Comida Latina
Do you want to know about Solmaya Girls and what they’re doing at Comida Latina? Steve, the Tortilla Guy, is talking about different products that these girls are showing at the Comida Latina. If you want to know more about the Solmaya Girls, you should watch the video!

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pablooppy's picture
QUIERO PROBAR!! I LOVED THIS VIDEO!! QUIERO PROBAR un lugar de las bebidas de Dominican Rebublic y Colombia....QUIERO PROBAR LA MUJER DE COLOMBIA con el pelo negro y los dos mujeres de Dominican Rebublic!!! TENGO MUCHO MUCHO SED PARA LAS MUJERES DE COLOMBIA Y DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!!! EL JUGO de todas las mujeres en tu video de seguro va a ser MUY MUY fresca(y tambien MUY deliciosa)!!!! Tortilla GUy...YOUR VIDEOS AND YOU ROCK!!!!
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Pablo you have to try these drinks they are great !!!! look for them The Tortilla Guy
pablooppy's picture
UNA BRINDA a el jugo de natural de las mujeres de Colombia y Dominican republic en lugar de las bebidas. Voy a tener mi Soy despues de tomar el jugo de las Ositas bonitas!! Las Ositas tienen mucho soy en las cuerpas! NECESITO TOMAR PRONTO!
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
super cool video and solmaya girls are also so coooooooooool!
bshaw's picture
Wow, The Tortilla Guy real is the "International Host with The Most"... Salute... Bratton
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Bratton it is a fun job and someone has to do it !!! The Tortilla Guy
CinnamonRed1's picture
They look yummy...though I don't think you guys were thinking that about the beverages :P
Bxredman's picture
Were you drinking the drinking or taking in the babes ?
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