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Pastry Trade Shows in the United States

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Pastry trade shows in the United StatesThe Pastry Trade Shows are one of the latest ongoing trends in many countries including United States. These interesting and delicious pastry trade shows in United States helps the contemporary confectioners, bakeries and pastry shops to exhibit what they have got in desserts. The events are explored by both small and large buyers, media and normal consumers searching for some pastry flavors for the season.  There are a large number of such Pastry trade shows in United States that are organized by the countries well structured manufacturers. 

Details of some of the biggest Pastry Trade Shows in United States: 

Atlantic Bakery Expo

Held in New Jersy, this very famous Atlantic Bakery Expo is hosted by New Jersy and New York’s baker’s association. Popular as one of the largest pastry trade shows of east coast, this expo also includes cake decoration and other such interesting areas.  Contact for details:

The Great American Dessert Experience

Bringing together the pastries and coffee at one place, this Great American Dessert Experience is a very fun show in itself. It also hosts some competitions such as big taste, small bite and pastry chef competitions to encourage the visitor’s interest. Contact for details:

Pastry trade shows in the United StatesFancy Food Show

Happens twice a year, this pastry trade show is organized by members of the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade. It is known for concentrating seminars and educational programs for marketing their products. Contact for details:

International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE)

Hosted by some of the big names such as the American Baker’s Association, Bakery Equipment Manufacturers&Allieds and Retail Bakers of America, this IBIE is one of the first not-for-profit trade shows of the country. Contact for details:

So, next time whenever you are craving for some nice flavored pastries and desserts, do not miss these amazing Pastry trade shows In United States. Happy eating  

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Pastry Trade Shows In The United States