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Cafe Gyros In Newark CA

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This clip features a visit to Café Gyros in Newark and Fremont. Chef slices meats from shawarma
rotisserie and prepares gyros, falafel‘s and other tasty dishes. The interviews with female guests are fun to listen to as they describe their dining experiences at this popular establishment. Nice shot of Fremont location towards the end.

Also Known as: 
Café Gyros Falafel Halal In Fremont Ca
Café Gyros is a very famous café in Fremont, CA. In this video, host takes you on a culinary tour of café gyros in Newark and Fremont. Watch an interesting interview with female guests about their dinning experiences.

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It is not Gyro, it is like Hero-Greek name. But nevermind they are wonderful!
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I've eaten there before, the gyros or "heros" are awesome but keep plenty of napkins near by.
Cafe Gyros In Newark CA Video, Café Gyros Falafel Halal In Fremont Ca