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Recipe of Raw Butternut Squash Spaghetti with Sundried Tomato Sauce

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Dan McDonald is a serious raw foodie and believes that raw food has amazing nutritive and healing values. I thought his squash spaghetti was a great idea and i loved the idea of mixing it with olives. It was the most creative dish at the Great Squash Cook-off They made the whole thing taste really amazing. I loved the spaghetti and as Dan said, i got enough to feed the whole audience.

More scoop on the event can be found at the intuitive cook, Ameet Maturu's blog

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Raw Butternut Spaghetti At The Great Squash Cook-off
The show specially dedicated to raw butternut spaghetti has been marked as the theme of this video. This is a nice raw food diet, and has got high nutrition value as well.

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I am amazed at Dan's accomplishments! I remember the days when I attended the "Raw Food Series" workshops held in his apartment...and now he is moving up quickly. What's next Dan? Oprah? Thank you for everything you have taught my daughter and I, I can't believe how easy it is to begin a "raw" lifestyle! Books would not have helped me as much as your workshops and videos! Thank you for our health! Anjollie & Nesli
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you are right - he could be on oprah! Dan has some serious knowledge and enthusiasm for raw food - i loved this spaghetti which was the most creative recipe in the cook-off
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Dan! you have done an amazingly clean and cool job. It is interesting to watch how the host is surprised to learn that you have prepared such great looking dish in only half an hour. Vegan food is natural and quick and especially great if made by Dan. Way to go man. Lots of love for Ass kickin too, good job hosting this. foodlover's picture
krista, you should ask dan to post his raw spaghetti recipe on ifood so that all can try it out. also is ifood going to cover your pizza party and post the videos - i am looking forward to it's picture
hey food lover, you love Dan's food or the gorgeous host FoodPorn :-)
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Hey, we were excited to get such a wonderful view of just what it is Dan's doing out there in New York. Me and his daughters, Nataya and Katia, were all very proud. Katia thought her dad looked real handsome! Nataya shook her head and said "Yup, he's a raw food genius, perhaps not physics, but definitely raw." Aw, but then we know just what amazing insight Dan has when it comes to the effect food has on the physiology of the body, don't we? It's raw and rare as well. Thanks for sharing, Dan. Glad you've found such a receptive audience out there for your many talents. Teri
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This video has been moved under Dan's name. Good Luck Dan! With Regards, Admin
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hey , there are more raw foodies out here - check out raw food media
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Raw is great-love veggies this way from our garden!
Recipe Of Raw Butternut Squash Spaghetti With Sundried Tomato Sauce Video, Raw Butternut Spaghetti At The Great Squash Cook-off