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About Indian Butternut Squash Halwa

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The Great Squash Cook-off at the V-SPOT

Piya Trehan came in smiling, made others smile and left smiling. She really wowed the crowd with her creative dessert. All indian food lovers in the crowd were skeptical that someone could make a halwa out of sqaush. But she surprised everyone with this great dessert. Kudos Piya. Hope to see you in another cook-off soon.

More scoop on the event can be found at the intuitive cook, Ameet Maturu's blog.

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Indian Winter Squash Halwa At The Squash Cook-off Event
The squash cook-off event brought out a lot of creativity from the participants. Piya Trehan, one of the participants has made an appetizing Indian Winter Squash Halwa, where she has put some thought into the dish. Watch out the video and learn more about the Indian halwa.

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