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Varieties of Peanut Butter

Since 1988 we have been proud to grow, process and market Valencia peanuts, the best tasting peanut in the world. Our plant is located in Portales, NM, a town famed for superior peanuts and unbeatable southwestern hospitality.

In our retail shop located adjacent to our processing facilities and in our on-line catalog, you will find a peanut lover's paradise! Old Fashioned Valencia peanut butters, raw and roasted peanuts, Peanut Brittle and our famous peanut Rocky Road are available in all sizes, shapes and flavors to be shipped anywhere in the world.
NMOCC - New Mexico Organic Commodity Commission Certified
Natural Valencia Peanut Butter

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In 1988, a group of dedicated peanut farmers in eastern New Mexico formed a cooperation to process and market the Valencia peanuts they grew. Thus, Sunland, Inc., was born, and today that market reaches from the retail store in Portales, NM, to around the world. Working with dozens of growers and 147 full-time employees, we take great pride in every step of the process that brings Valencia peanuts to you. In addition to processing raw, roasted salted and unsalted peanuts, Sunland is the only manufacturer of peanut butter in the state of New Mexico.

What Makes Valencia Peanuts Unique
We call them nuts, but like all peanuts, Valencias are legumes, more closely related to peas and beans with one important difference: they grow beneath the ground.

Valencias are smaller, sweeter and have more intense flavor than other varieties of peanuts. They have three to five kernels in each shell and are grown almost exclusively in eastern New Mexico. In fact 90% of the Valencia peanuts produced in the US are grown within 120 miles of our plant. Portales claims the honor of being the "Valencia Peanut Basin of the Nation."

Farmers plant Valencia peanuts in May in the sandy soil of eastern New Mexico and west Texas. From a single peanut comes a beautiful plant which blooms in late August. Each blossom drops a "peg" which implants itself into the ground to grow a tasty Valencia peanut...more than 20 per plant.

Valencia peanuts love the sandy soil of the Portales valley and the surrounding high plains. After the peanuts are dug in the fall, they dry naturally in the sunny autumn days which are unique to the area. It's a climate that is vital for the Valencia- a time for the peanuts to be "kissed by the sun" before they're gathered for processing.

Peanuts are 26% protein. Higher than eggs, dairy products, and many cuts of meat and fish. They are so high in protein, in fact, that they are included in the meat group of the four basic food groups.

Fun Peanut Butter Facts :

A 12-ounce jar of peanut butter has about 540 peanuts inside.

Peanuts have even traveled to the moon! Astronauts have carried "space sticks" made from peanut butter on their missions.

By the time a typical American student graduates from high school, he or she will have consumed 1,500 peanut butter sandwiches. check the website for recipe ideas

The Tortilla Guy

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Really Cool Peanut Butter
Steve, the Tortilla Guy, has shot a video where different varieties of peanut butters are being discussed. Old Fashioned Valencia peanut butters, raw and roasted peanuts, Peanut Brittle and the famous peanut Rocky Road are available in all sizes, shapes and flavors to be shipped anywhere in the world. Click on video to learn some facts.

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u are so informative. I did not know that their were so many different types of peanut butter. keep doing what your doing. its great
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Thanks Nep it was great peanut butter !!! The Tortilla Guy
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I am also a fan of peanut butter this place looks like it does it all , where can I get it
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Try Whole Foods, I think that they carry this peanut butter there The Tortilla Guy
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