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Tasting the Menu at Nine Rivers Gala Event

Monica's picture had EXCLUSIVE coverage for the "Nine Rivers Gala" at The Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. The RMA focuses on Himalayan Art & culture. The event marked the third year anniversary for the museum and the first gala. 2006 Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, and former President Bill Clinton were honored with The Mandala Arts & Humanitarian Awards. The award recognizes individuals who possess a commitment to Himalayan Art or humanitarian service to benefit the global community. Ishmael Beah author of "A Long Way Gone" was presented with the Skye Award signifying his commitment to advance compassionate exchange in universal arts and culture.

Christopher Robbins of Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs worked with Chef Vikas Khanna to put together a menu for the event. An experienced event planner, Christopher was able to translate Chef Vikas's menu on a larger scale for 400 guests. You can learn more about Robbins Wolfe by visiting

Some of the dishes included; Curried Corn Chowder with Roasted Poblanos, Yogurt Marinated Brochettes of Grilled Chicken & Chick Peas with Onion, Tomato and Cumin Seeds. I was honored to get to taste all of them!! Of course the desserts were also delicious. I really liked how Vikas combined unique spices and flavors together. Each bite was a surprise. You can visit Chef Vikas at "Purnima" at 245 West 54th Street in New York City. Congratulations Chef Vikas!!

Riaz Islam, one of the managers at "Purnima", also shares his love of food and culture with me.

To learn more about the RMA go to

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Menu Tasting With Monica At Nine Rivers Gala At Rubin Museum Of Art Review
At the Nine Rivers Gala at Rubin Museum of Art, 2007 varieties of foods are prepared by the celebrity Chef, Vikas Khanna. Monica tastes most of the food items and analyzes them along with the chef. Watch out the video if you wanna learn more about the foods served at the Nine Rivers Gala at Rubin Museum of Art and their taste as well.

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Tasting The Menu At Nine Rivers Gala Event Video, Menu Tasting With Monica At Nine Rivers Gala At Rubin Museum Of Art Review