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The Ultimate Tailgate Chef Podcast: Chef Curtis Aikens

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The ultimate tailgate chefOne of the shows I do that I most enjoy is The Ultimate Tailgate Chef podcast. Each week I get to visit with a celebrity chef or other great cook about everything from their food to their influences and hear some great stories (not to mention get some great ideas for the kitchen and grill).

This week I visit with Celebrity Chef Curtis Aikens about going veggie in the parking lot. But, before you click through to another page listen to Curtis’ tips and you’ll be thinking differently about vegetarian. You won't find tofu in Curtis' menus. Instead you'll find bushels of stuff from the garden and some meat substitutes you may not have thought of before. It's good, healthy, and talking with Curtis is always a ton of fun. You can hear it all here.

If you'd like to listen to some of the other The Ultimate Tailgate Chef podcasts with folks who have as diverse culinary styles as Steven Raichlen, Patrick Mould, and's Chef LaLa just click here. I post a new one each week.


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The Ultimate Tailgate Chef Podcast: Chef Curtis Aikens