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Revamping of Purnima Dillions Restaurant

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These are some shots from the Kitchen Nightmares Episode featuring Purnima Chef Vikas Khanna. Vikas is just awesome!

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And my blog on the delicious dinner i just had at Purnima

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All About Purnima Dillions Restaurant
The name Purnima Dillions restaurant suggests that it's an Indian restaurant, however it's not! It's owned by an American. His restaurant wasn't doing well in the past. He hired an Indian chef and then everything is history. Let's watch the video and know all about the transformation and evolution of the Purnima Dillions.

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Hey we watched the show...totally rocked !!! Though i hate tht ramsey guy... You are so famous and of course look very cute on tv :D
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I worked in one of his restaurants in London. Greatest expierence of my culinary career. We all have tremendous respect for him and learned so much. He is stern and demanding of everyone including himself.
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Great achievements do not come without great sacrifice! A big applause to the all the staff for their success in this video! Congratulations to all :-) Raquel
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Great! Big clap for success...
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i LOVE Gordon!! :D
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chef vikas is the chef for the gala dinner in honor of Bill Clinton and nobel prize winner, Mhd. Yunus. check this out. ifood will get you exclusive videos of this event Bon Appetite!
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I saw the show a few weeks ago and chef vikas and his staff were great !
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simply great...
Revamping Of Purnima Dillions Restaurant Video, All About Purnima Dillions Restaurant