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About Readymade Scrambled Eggs at the Florida Restaurant Show

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Ready Egg Farms purchased a company named Egg Low Farms two years ago. Egg Low Farms was founded by Louis Dunckel more than eighteen years ago. Mr. Dunckel went to Cornell University and in conjunction with Dr. Baker developed a way to process ready made scrambled eggs that had a refrigerated shelf life of eight weeks (we have since extended that to ten weeks). Mr. Dunckel passed away soon after the company was established and his wife and son ran the company for many years. When Mrs. Dunckel was in her mid-eighties she wanted to sell the wasn’t worth anything without the process of cooking the eggs. Rick Smith who had fabricated some of the equipment was contacted and he and his brother-in-law Patrick Green consulted with the Dunckels for three years before deciding to buy the company themselves.
Two years ago we bought the company and are taking it nation wide with food shows, etc. It is a unique process and the results (scrambled and diced eggs) are delicious. We have been to food shows in New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Tucson, Orlando, Syracuse, Atlantic City, etc. We sell our scrambled eggs with added whites (Heart Healthy) to all the schools in New York City, as well as hospitals and nursing homes. Our scrambled eggs go to restaurants, hotels, institutions and camps. Our diced eggs go to restaurants, stores, etc. They are perfect for egg salad sandwiches, on salads and on salad bar lines.
We are a small company but growing. In the two years we have owned the plant we have updated machinery, installed computers, hired a Quality Control expert, been approved by the military, received the Orthodox Union label, completely cleaned the plant and drastically improved our Cook and Thurber report score....and all the while having a good time. We are in the process of research and development of new products. We have developed a line of egg patties, hard cooked eggs and are developing products with herbs, etc. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our plant, product line and sales area. We have also developed a way to freeze our products so our market can be expanded.
Patrick and I are new to the New York area having moved here from Oregon. We have fallen in love with Upstate New York and tour the area as much as possible.
We still employ David Dunckel, former owner, as our plant production manager.
Our company is an Incorporation with partners on the West Coast. Rick Smith is our CEO and Patrick Green is the President.

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Ready Egg Farms !! Real Eggs, Real Easy
Steve, the Tortilla Guy, at Florida Restaurant Show is talking to one of the representatives of the Ready Egg Farms. If you want to know more about the company, you should not miss the video!

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About Readymade Scrambled Eggs At The Florida Restaurant Show Video, Ready Egg Farms !! Real Eggs, Real Easy