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The Tortilla Guy Reviews Jacqueline's Gourmet Cookies

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Jacqueline's creates a complete line of frozen
gourmet cookies, scones and other fine bakery products for restaurants, coffee shop chains, food service distributors,and in-store supermarket bakeries throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

Jacqueline's specialty:
custom-designed cookies.
Our talented staff searches the world for new or traditional ideas. Then we blend it together with the finest ingredients to create premium cookies that meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.

Jacqueline's goal:
be better than the rest!
We tirelessly search for just the highest quality ingredients to enhance the taste and texture of each cookie.

Jacqueline's pledge:
we cater to your needs.

Want large chunks of chocolate, nuts or high concentrations of both in your cookies? We can do it without losing consistency or weight control. Need production for multiple
locations? Our three production lines can handle all types of bakery products.

Most importantly, do you want each cookie variety you sell be a standard on its own, a marvel of luscious flavor and top quality ingredients? Jacqueline's formulates each individual recipe to provide a unique taste experience.

Cookies are Jacqueline’s passion!

Bite into a Jacqueline’s Gourmet Cookie, and enter a world of pure enjoyment. Each cookie is made with the finest ingredients such as crunchy Macadamia nuts, rich dark and white chocolate chunks, plump raisins, fresh creamery butter, and authentic rolled oats just like grandmother used.

Each variety will be an individual favorite for flavor, texture and mouthwatering enjoyment. The flavors you and your customers crave are in every cookie.

Your order is prepared fresh, rapid frozen and shipped to you for your baking convenience. It’s easy, cost effective, and the aromas and flavors are wonderful.

Choose from Jacqueline’s
ever-increasing variety:

Sweet Sensations
All Butter
No Trans Fats
Low Carb
"All Natural"
European Excellence In Every Bite!

Across the continents, people search for the perfect scone.

Your search will lead you to Jacqueline's.
We have worked tirelessly to bring the historic scone to new levels of excellence, with exotic spices, natural flavors, and the highest quality ingredients.

One taste, and your customers will make scones a regular choice on your menu or store.

Authentic Scone Selections

• Blueberry • Summer Peach • Ginger
• CranOrange • Chocolate Chunk
• Maple Walnut • Cinnamon Chip • Raisin
• Butter Rum • Lemon

It's easy to offer the satisfying pleasure of delicious scones, perfectly created by Jacquelines, conveniently frozen and ready for on-site baking.

While large cookie manufacturers use one cookie base for many varieties, Jacqueline's formulates each individual recipe to have a unique taste experience. Now you know why you haven't tasted truly great cookies until you've experienced the incredible taste of Jacqueline's Gourmet Cookies

The Tortilla Guy

:) Nikko

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Really Good Cookies !!!
Here comes the foray of good cookies, which are nothing less than a gourmet treat. The show has been put up by finest of the bakeries, and cookies distribution centers. Check out the finest of cookies here.

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The Tortilla Guy Reviews Jacqueline's Gourmet Cookies Video, Really Good Cookies !!!