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French Macaroons at Starbucks!!

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If you are a French Macaroon lover like me, then you are in for a yummy treat. A box of French macaroons will be available at the Starbuck Outlets in US soon!!  Each box will have 12 French macarons in 6 flavors. Two of Chocolate, Coffee,Pistachio, Raspberry, Vanilla, and Lemon.

French Macaroons Starbucks

If you wanna get your hands on this super delicious you will have to rush because they are gonna be sold only from December 13 to 24th. Of course you shouldn't compare them to the original traditional version of the French Pastry you would get from Paris but they are definitely worth trying.

French Macaroons Starbucks

Whats more, they make for perfect Christmas gifts for foodies!! Hope my family and friends are reading this!!! Its not really an expensive buy too! Around $9.95 for the 12 piece box. So go ahead and get to the next Starbucks as soon as you can!! Couldn't have been a better Christmas gifts!!!                                                                                  

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French Macaroons At Starbucks!!