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Making Fancy Coffee

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This was from a demonstration at the Ultimate Barista Challenge® USA

:) Nikko

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Fancy Coffee Demonstration
This was from a demonstration at the Ultimate Barista Challenge. There are coffee makers and then there are the whole new breed of fancy coffee makers for whom coffee making is an art by itself. Watch the guy carefully add flavors and even garnish(for loss of the right word) the coffee.

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Love really good coffee! I use a Swiss Campresso which grinds and brews fresh every pot. Not cheap but makes an awesome cup for coffee lovers.
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I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I like Dunken Donuts coffee... I don't like Starbucks... It tastes burnt to me...
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I love Major Dickinson from Peet's I am not a fan of Starbucks-yep tastes burnt to me.
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I love mi fresh cafe bustello I do it with a hand held cloth filter like my grandmoter show me in PR . this coffee is slamming! mmm, mmm good
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I second that Ginny fresh Bustelo coffee is my favorite too!!!
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Hey Nikko, Great video Fancy Coffee. This is best making coffee video and I've rated it as awesome because I like coffee... Here is many ways to smile! veerpradeep
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