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Cooking Competition Clip at the 2007 Florida Restaurant Show

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A quick look into the cooking competition...

Also Known as: 
Florida Restaurant Cooking Competition
Here is a glimpse of the Florida restaurant cooking competition that aired on television earlier. The final moments and the mad rush is on. Cooking competitions are always interesting aren't they.

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So did you get to see what recipe won this cooking competition? Raquel
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I have no idea which one won, but I do have some good photos of all the winners and will be posting them soon...
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What was the best recipe?
cammi's picture
Did you get to try any of the food from the competition?
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Not even a crumb. It all looked very good though. I'm working on posting some photos.
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Hey where were the women in this competition?
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Although you can't see them in this clip - there were many of them there!
Cooking Competition Clip At The 2007 Florida Restaurant Show Video, Florida Restaurant Cooking Competition