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About Torani Syrups at the Florida Restaurant Show

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Torani - A Retrospective
The flavor movement, often referred to as the "beverage rennaissance", has changed the beverage world. It all started with Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre's introduction of the Italian soda over 75 years ago and continues to define modern drink forms to this day.

The first use of flavored syrup can be traced back to the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco in 1925. Some of the 20th century's most acclaimed artists, from Jack Kerouac to William Burroughs, have called North Beach home. And Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre were no exception. Using Italian syrup recipes of their homeland, they began blending Torani syrups in the back of their North Beach grocery store. Mixing their rich flavorful syrups with sparkling water and ice, they introduced the classic Italian soda to local café owners. The overwhelming response made it clear the world was ready for a new way of drinking.

It was in the early 80's that the flavor movement started to gain mass appeal with the introduction of the flavored latte. While sitting in San Francisco's landmark Caffe Trieste, "Brandy" Brandenburger- a coffee industry veteran- was inspired to experiment with Torani Italian syrups, espresso and steamed milk. And thus, the first flavored caffe latte was created, changing the course of espresso history forever.

Torani has been a part of café culture for decades. The popularity of specialty drinks and the support of our retailers has helped make it the #1 specialty syrup brand. Millions of Americans—and now cafe goers in international cities around the world—enjoy Torani in their favorite beverages. And Torani continues to stay on the creative edge with new product lines and ideas. After all, you never know where the next flavored caffe latte will appear, but you can be sure Torani will be there.

Flavor Portfolio
Torani Syrups are made with the finest ingredients: pure cane sugar, purified water, and all-natural flavors.

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Almond Roca® Chocolate Mint Menthe, Creme de
Amaretto Cinnamon Orange, Mandarin
Anisette Coconut Orgeat (Almond)
Apple Coffee Passion Fruit
Apricot Creme Caramel Peach
Banana, Creme de Eggnog, Italian* Peppermint
Blackberry English Toffee Pineapple
Black Currant French Vanilla Pink Grapefruit
Blood Orange - NEW! Ginger Spice Pomegranate
Blueberry Grape Pumpkin Spice
Butter Rum Guava - NEW! Raspberry
Butterscotch Hazelnut Root Beer (Classic)
Cacao, Creme de Huckleberry Strawberry
Caramel Irish Cream Tamarindo
Chai Tea Spice Kiwi Tiramisu
Cherry Lemon Toasted Marshmallow
Cheesecake Lime Vanilla
Chocolate Bianco Mango Vanilla Bean
Chocolate Biscotti Maple Flavor Watermelon
Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Chocolate Milano

Chocolate Mint Menthe, Creme de
Cinnamon Orange, Mandarin
Coconut Orgeat (Almond)
Coffee Passion Fruit
Creme Caramel Peach
Eggnog, Italian* Peppermint
English Toffee Pineapple
French Vanilla Pink Grapefruit
Ginger Spice Pomegranate
Grape Pumpkin Spice
Guava - NEW! Raspberry
Hazelnut Root Beer (Classic)
Huckleberry Strawberry
Irish Cream Tamarindo
Kiwi Tiramisu
Lemon Toasted Marshmallow
Lime Vanilla
Mango Vanilla Bean
Maple Flavor Watermelon

*Seasonal Flavor Only


Serving Size 1 oz (30ml or 2 Tbsp.)
Amount per serving:
Calories 75
Calories from Fat 0 % Daily Value*
Total Fat 0 g 0%
Sodium 3 mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 18 g 6%
Sugar 17 g
Protein 0 g
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet.

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Steve, the Tortilla Guy, at Florida Restaurant Show is talking to one of the representatives of the Torani Syrups makers. She tells Steve all about the syrup, its history, how to make it, etc. If you want to know more about the Torani Syrups, you should not miss the video!

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About Torani Syrups At The Florida Restaurant Show Video, Torani