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About Creative Juices at the Florida Restaurant Show

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Creative Juices
All Natural, Great Tasting !!!

We had the opportunity to meet Al "The Palate" Williams

Who is the man behind all the recipes and formulas. They use all Natural ingredients and have come up with some great tasting Mixerz !! Al travels the globe to find the right ingredients for all his products from Juices and fruit purees he then blends them to his spec's. From Northwest cranberries to key limes he is there looking for the best . With his care they are a great tasting mix !!

Here are some of the awesome flavors

The Mixerz
They are all about the best tasting beverages possible.
The best tasting beverages start with the highest quality ingredients. The refreshingly different brands of Creative Juices share this tasty mission. They don’t just create unique beverage solutions, nurture the very best out of them every step of the way. From growers who provide them with only select picks of their crops, to processors who follow our strict recipe guidelines. All the way to eye-catching and demographic-sensitive packaging that creates initial customer excitement. Check on the delicious brands and taste the Creative Juices difference for yourself.

And they have a great website check it out for yourself

The Tortilla Guy

:) Nikko

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Mixerz !!!
Steve, the Tortilla Guy, at Florida Restaurant Show is talking to one of the representatives of Creative Juices. He tells Steve about all the best tasting beverages, how to create unique beverage solutions, nurture the very best out of them every step of the way. If you want to know more about Creative Juices, you should not miss the video!

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About Creative Juices At The Florida Restaurant Show Video, Mixerz !!!