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About Southern Fried Ice Cream the Florida Restaurant Show

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Not only did this taste great it is a great concept !!! One of my favorites at the Show !!!
A little about them from the website

Company founder, Todd Farnham, has been experimenting with his frozen treats since the early 1980s while he was attending hotel/restaurant management school in upstate New York. He often sold the dessert at fairs and carnivals in Vermont and New England while in college. In the early days, there was only one flavor; a vanilla ice cream with a sugar, coconut coating. Today Southern Fried Ice Cream proudly features six flavors: Apple Pie, Whipped Banana Pudding with Vanilla Wafers, Chocolate with Chunks of White and Brown Fudge, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Peanut Butter Cookie Dough.

Todd and his wife of 19 years, Stacy, played with the idea of making the desserts a regular business from time to time during the past two decades, but life unexpectedly took a few detours. In 1997, Todd was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. But, with prayer and a loving family to support him, he has been cancer-free since 1998.

Following his bout with cancer, Todd traded in his ice cream scoop for a deputy's badge, serving with the Citrus County Sheriff's Office for 4 1/2 years. As much as he loved the job, he knew that he had to get back to his dream. Todd set his wheels in motion and founded Southern Fried Ice Cream. Trademarks were set up, licensing established, working space purchased, packaging developed, and rigorous federal inspections passed. With all of the groundwork in place, Todd took his product to the street.

"I literally bought a cooler box that hooked into the cigarette lighter in the car and I went knocking on restaurant doors", says Todd. “We were landing literally almost every restaurant I went to that tried the product.”

In the beginning, everyone had to pitch in and help, including Todd’s daughters: Hannah, Lauren, and Sarah, who all worked weekends and after school making the desserts. Southern Fried Ice Cream now has a staff of 12 working in its 2,500 square-foot Homosassa plant, and can be purchased from restaurants across the US, and even in the Bahamas.

They were the winner of the Best Dessert at the Florida Restaurant Show

Six Flavors
Bananna Pudding
Peanut Butter Cookie Dough
Apple Pie
Key Lime Pie
Chocolate Mountain
Strawberry Cheesecake

All we can say is " Yummers !!!"

Check them out at tell them "The Tortilla Guy" & "CookingMyWay" sent ya .............

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Southern Fried Ice Cream At Florida Restaurant Show
Steve, the Tortilla Guy, at Florida Restaurant Show is talking to one of the representatives of Southern Fried Ice Cream. He tells Steve all about ice cream, how to make fried the ice cream. These people are also very good at their presentation. If you want to know more about Southern Fried Ice Cream, you should not miss the video!

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The Southern Fried Ice Cream made it to # 3 on my list. It's an amazing product. Nice and crunchy on the outside and the ice cream was nice and cold and creamy. And beyond the food they were really nice people! They're working on a microwaveable retail version - so keep your eye out in your frozen section - if you see it - BUY EM! :) Nikko
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Nikko, Steve, we greatly appreciate putting logo on your videos. You may want to put it in left bottom corner or top corners because when people embed videos from our site into blogs and other places they get a small logo on bottom right and 2 overlapping logos do not look good. With Regards, Admin
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Thanks for the tip - I'll probably not go redo all the ones already posted - but will move it going forward! Many more to come...
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Wow Great Concept I will look into adding to my menu !!!
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Hmmm maybe in a Chocolate wrap !!
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I was thinking the same thing - bake the wrap off in a cup so you get a nice bowl shape - put in the fried ice cream and dig in!
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Hey Tortilla Guy, Any flavor called the Puertorequena??? This would be delicious!! I would settle for a Mexicana flavor! PEACE OUT!
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Six Flavors Bananna Pudding Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Apple Pie Key Lime Pie Chocolate Mountain Strawberry Cheesecake The Tortilla Guy
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Thanks Just trying to keep you all informed !! I had alot of help from my friend CookingMYWay The Tortilla Guy
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This was some really good ice cream. If you get the chance I highly suggest you try it... :) Nikko
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