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The Tortilla Guy on California Churros

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California Churros® is a privately held Corporation which has been in business since 1980. Our plant is located in Colton, California in a modern business manufacturing park. As a product, Churros, long a major Hispanic dessert pastry, began its road to "American" recognition in amusements parks, the circus country fairs, trade fairs, and swap meets. It is not uncommon to find Churros now the dessert of choice at our public schools. School kids have auditioned and approved many of the popular items now available at C-Stores through out the nation. Churros are well positioned to be another such product.

Using the multiple segment scenario as a guide to future popularity, the Churro is now stepping up the the plate. Demographically, the Churro has followed the Hispanic immigration, which has been the core user group. But, now the secret seems to be out. It appears the Churro fills many of the sweet treat needs of the "average" American. It is seemly to think the Churro would be right for the "Consume now" part of C-Store sales. Also, the timing appears to be just right.

History Of Churros
The Churro is an invention of Spain. As with all great products there are competing stories claiming credit for improvising such a delightful pastry. In all ports of call made by the great Spanish explorers of the sixteenth century, the Churro became a local favorite. It was of such popularity that each country now claims authorship. But who can have the honor of making the first Churro?

In the grasslands of Spain where shepherds tended their flocks they watched over a breed of sheep that provided high quality wool. These shepherds lived a nomadic life and were constantly moving with their sheep. As nomads, they carried only the essentials. Much of their needs came from the sheep. Bread was a special treat but how to prepare it? There were no microwave ovens or ovens of any type. They fried their bread.

One day during the early years of the second millennia one of these shepherds sprinkled some sugar on the fried bread and that started the product improvement period. Over the ensuing years the shepherds fried bread became star shaped. This allowed the bread to become fully cooked on the inside while giving crispness to the outside. Filled Churros came later, much later.

When Diego Velasquez sailed to Hispaniola in 1511 (present day Cuba) not only a young Hernando Cortez was on board. This excellent source of wool, milk and food were also getting their sea legs. Along with the men came their favorite pastry the Churro. But what was the name of those sheep?

They are Churro Sheep of Spain.

Only from California Churros® can the consumer also enjoy a variety of flavorful filled churros; Strawberry, Raspberry, Apple, and Bavarian Creme, each filled to perfection. We have been producing delicious churros for over ten years. We pioneered the manufacturing of filled churros. Consumers recognize the word "churro" and associate it with its pleasing texture and delicious taste. Our California Churros® are marketed as a tasty snack food to enjoy at any time of day. Churros can be found in a variety of commercial establishments such as schools, amusement parks, swap-meets, supermarkets, mini-marts, drive-in theatres, public events, and fairs.
California Churros® are available plain or filled, flash frozen and in convenient 5", 10", and 16" sizes. Our churros are ready to eat - no cooking is necessary. Simply warm the churros for approximately five minutes in our retail churro warmer or in a conventional oven. Before serving, roll them in cinnamon sugar. The warmer is decorated with our distinctive logo and colorful graphics which attract consumers.

Churro Carts are also supplied by California Churros® which are used for warming. Place the churros inside the showcase and heat at a medium temperature until the center of the churro is warm, the roll them in cinnamon and sugar before serving. the churro carts propane tank is sized to provide service for extended periods of time.

California Churros® are the only churros that will remain fresh for up to 5 hours after warming. Churros can also be warmed in a conventional oven. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees, place the churros in the oven for 5 to 7 minutes, then remove and roll them in cinnamon sugar

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California Churros At Florida Restaurant Show
Steve, the Tortilla Guy, at Florida Restaurant Show is talking to the representative of California churros. He is telling Steve all about the delicious churros; what it is and how to make it. If you want to know more about churros, watch out the video!

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