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A Review of Waterfront Restaurant

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Restaurant review on the Waterfront Restaurant in Vanuatu

Also Known as: 
Waterfront Restaurant Review
A restaurant review video by Amelia Armistead from the Vanuatu Tv, where she is talking about the Waterfront Restaurant in Port Villa. If you wanna know more about the restaurant, watch out the video!

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Amazing video - who is the host ! great place - provide more information about this place 
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I watched this video sitting at my desk at work. It pushed me deeper into my la la land :) Great place and a very beautiful host. I look forward to seeing more such videos. Keep them coming !!!
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so whats up in the happiest place of the world? can i also get a video restaurant reviewer job there? u folks seem to attract hot ladies no wonder u are happiest.
vikas.kumar's picture
The place looks great and Amelia...even better. Nice n precise coverage...more please!
A Review Of Waterfront Restaurant Video, Waterfront Restaurant Review