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Vegetarian recipes refer to food which meets vegetarian standards by excluding animal tissue and meat products.

There are three types of vegetarianisms which are explained below:

  • In case of lacto-ovo vegetarianism, which is very common form of vegetarianism in Western world, eggs and dairy products like cheese and milk are allowed.
  • In case of lacto vegetarianism, which is the earliest known vegetarianism type, recorded in India, dairy products like cheese and milk are acceptable. Eggs are not included in any of the vegetarian recipes.
  • Fruitarianism and veganism are the strictest forms of vegetarianism. In this kind of vegetarianism, all kinds of animal products including dairy products, eggs, and honey are excluded. Few refined sugars, which make use of bone char for whitening process, are also excluded.

Vegetarian Food Recipes - Types
There are several types of vegetarian foods. They are discussed hereunder:

  • Traditional foods- Traditional vegetarian food recipes include grains, cereals, vegetables, nuts, fruits etc.
  • Meat analogues – Meat analogues imitate the texture, appearance and taste of meat. They are often used in vegetarian recipes which traditionally included meat. Analogues may also be used by vegans for dairy products and eggs.
  • Soy products- These include Tempeh and Tofu which are the most common sources of protein.
  • Textured vegetable protein (TVP) – Such foods are made from soy flour, which is often included in burger and chili vegetarian recipes instead of making use of ground meat.

Commonly Used Vegetarian Foods
Vegetarians normally include the following foods in their diet.

  • Grains and cereals: hempseed, corn, maize, wheat, rice, sorghum, barley, millet, rye, triticale, oats, buckwheat etc. The vegetarian recipes that are derived from these foods like dough, pasta, bread and baked goods are included in vegetarian food.
  • Pickled or fresh vegetables: cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes etc. A few vegetarians also eat mushrooms. Derived products include vegetable fats and oils
  • Fresh and dried fruits: apples, pears, watermelon, melon, grapes etc.
  • Legumes: beans, peas, chickpeas, peanuts and lentils
  • Seeds and tree nuts
  • Herbs and spices

The following foods are included in some of the vegetarian recipes
• Honey
• Eggs
• Dairy products like milk, cheese and butter

Vegetarian Food Recipes by Various Cuisines
Vegetarian recipes are offered by various cuisines worldwide. A few cuisines offering vegetarian food recipes have been discussed underneath:

  • Indian cuisine : Indian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in Asia and is enriched with lot of vegetarian recipes and foods. In India, Gujarati cuisine is primarily vegetarian as compared to other cuisines in India. Among various vegetarian foods in India, samosa, pakora, khichri, pulao, rasam, raitas, bengain bharta, some kormas, chana masala, sambars, saag aloo, aloo matar, Punjabi chole, subjis like gobi and bhindi, and South Indian food like idli, dosa and vada. Wheat based products like chapatti, parantha, naan etc are also very popular among vegetarian foods in Indian cuisine.
  • Mexican cuisine : Guacamole with rice, chips, and bean burritos, salsa, bean tacos, cheese enchiladas, black beans (with rice), and chills rellenos are popular vegetarian recipes in Spain.
  • Italian cuisine : Italian foods like pastas, pizzas, bruschetta, risottos, and eggplant rotini are popular kinds of vegetarian food in Italian cuisine.
  • Spanish cuisine : Spanish cuisine includes tapas dishes, polentas and tumbet in its vegetarian food recipes.
  • Continental cuisine : Continental cuisine includes vegetarian recipes like sautéed Swiss chard, braised leeks with parsley and olives, mushrooms stuffed with vegetables, many quiches.
  • Chinese cuisine : Chinese cuisine relies on vegetarian foods like noodles, mushroom, eggplant, rice, tofu, broccoli and mixed vegetables.
  • Egyptian cuisine : Egyptian cuisine is enriched with variety of vegetarian food recipes. Egyptian vegetarian recipes most of the times rely on vegetables and beans. National dishes of Egypt like ful medames and kushari are purely vegetarian, as are usually the assorted vegetable casseroles that characterize the typical Egyptian meal.
  • Russian cuisine : In Czarist time, Russian cuisine came up with a noteworthy vegetarian tradition, where there was an orthodox tradition of creating a separation between vegetables and meat. Soups, blini, pirogi, buckwheat, kasha, and pickled vegetables are a few popular vegetarian foods in Russia.
  • German cuisine : In Germany, popular vegetarian food recipes include Frankfurt Green sauce, combinations of cheese, potatoes, spinach and various herbs. These vegetarian recipes are very popular in summers, in Germany. On Friday, plum cake and potato soup are prepared in the form of traditional Friday course.
  • Japanese cuisine : Japanese vegetarian recipes include tempura, vegetable sushi, and edamame. Miso soup is also very popular in Japaan, which is made up of fermented red or white soy bean paste and water. It is garnished with seaweed and scallions.
  • Nutritive value of vegetarian recipes : Almost all the vegetarian foods are healthy and help in improving the fitness and health level of an in individual in a great way. Vegetarian foods are enriched with protein, carbohydrates, good fat and fiber so that the body is fed with all the essential nutrients for a healthy and fit life.