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High Protein

High protein diet consists of foods which contain a high concentration of proteins and are usually low in fats. High protein diets generally comprise foods where 20% or more of the total calorie is accounted by the proteins alone. A very high protein diet on the other hand, accounts for 30% or more of the total calorie count of the meal. High protein foods are mainly recommended to people who want to lose fat and build muscles. Thus, a high protein diet is a commonly recommended diet for bodybuilders, athletes and persons undergoing weight training. All kinds of high protein foods aren’t considered healthy for long term dieting as many of these foods don’t provide the requisite fats and carbohydrates needed for healthy development of the body. Healthy high protein recipes usually include skinless chicken, lean beef, red meat and low fat dairy products.

Historical and Cultural Facts Related to the Origin of High Protein Food
The high protein diets had been the fad diets of the 1960s. It was during those years that Dr. Maxwell Stillman introduced the Stillman diet which comprised high protein foods and foods which contained no carbohydrates and had low fat. This diet mainly aims towards weight loss. During the 1990s, the high protein diet books became the bestsellers and around the same time, the famous Atkins diet also originated. Soon, the other diets with high protein foods followed and these included the Zone diet, the Sugar Busters Diet and the Protein Power diet.

Dietary Laws Governing High Protein Recipes
High protein diet is of different types, all of which require the dieter to eat high protein foods. But, while some diets forbid the consumption of carbohydrates, there are others which recommend a balanced high protein diet with all the nutrients. A healthy diet should ideally contain high protein foods like soy products, lean meat, fishes, nuts, seeds and lentils along with low fat foods like low fat dairy products and foods containing healthy carbs such as whole grain products.

Diet Routine Based on High Protein Recipes
Here’s a sample meal plan that comprises all high protein foods -

  • Breakfast - Steak and eggs or an omelet with cheese and ham accompanied by turkey sausage or bacon. A fruit or two can be added to the menu to make the breakfast healthier.
  • Lunch - Grilled lean chicken breasts with melted low fat cheese, a vegetable medley and a fresh green salad (with light or no dressing) accompanied by whole grain rice or bread.
  • Snacks - Assorted nuts like walnuts and almonds, protein bars and berries, fruits or smoothies containing casein protein powder.
  • Dinner -1 to 2 pieces of fried or grilled salmon, fresh green salad with olive oil dressing and a whole wheat bread.

The high protein foods in this diet should be wisely chosen, so as to avoid deficiencies in other nutrients.
Also, a high protein diet shouldn’t be followed for a long time at a stretch as it can cause kidney problems.

Health Value of High Protein Recipes
One of the main advantages of high protein diets is that they tend to make the eater, feel fuller for a long time, which eliminates the need to eat more and thus aids in weight loss. Also, the high concentration of proteins in the diet helps building muscles without gaining excess weight. However, one main disadvantage of a high protein diet is that once the dieter goes off this plan, he/she starts regaining the lost weight, as the weight loss was mainly due to the loss of accumulated water within the body. Some high protein diets restrict the consumption of carbohydrates, which in many cases can lead to diverticulitis and constipation while increasing the risks of cancer and heart diseases.