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Hyderabad Biryani House

Hyderabadi Biryani House is a chain of restaurants offering Hyderabadi cuisine to the guests. There are many restaurants now found in various cities of India and abroad.


The history of Hyderabadi Biryani House dates back to mid 70’s, when in 1975 late Mir Babur Ali decided to open a restaurant serving typical Hyderabadi cuisine. Mir Babur Ali was a founder of the sights, the smells, and sounds of the historical city.

Hyderabad has established itself all through the years since the 1975 as a first choice for private catering, corporate catering, takeaways, dining and home delivery.


The menu consist of starters, kababs, chicken curries, fish dishes, mutton curries, veg curries, rolls, salads, salads, rotis, Biryanis, combo meals and beverages.

Authentic Dishes

  • Tomato Dhaniya shorba : Soup made of coriander leaves, coriander powder, and tomatoes.
  • Tandoori Pomphret: Dish made of pomphret fish, marinated in spices and cooked over grill.
  • Marag : Dish made of mutton or lamb meat, curd, and coconut.
  • Shahi Tukda : Sweet dish made of bread, sugar syrup and cardamom powder.
  • Mutton Pasinda: Meat cooked with curd, tomato puree, and spices.
  • Gajar ka Halwa: Sweet dessert made of khoya, grated carrots and sugar.
  • Leg Roast : Roasted lamb cooked over gril.

Along with the above authentic dishes, there are more like Meloni Tarkari, Dum Aloo Hyderabadi. Dum ka Karela, Nargasi Kofta, Tatti Ka Murgh and pather ka gosht.


Take Away: The service allows the guest to order food and take it away back to their homes and enjoy with their families or friends.

Features of Take Away:

Founder of this concept was Mr Mir Mazharuddin

Food is displayed on the counter for the customer to choose from.

Offers a lot of variety in dishes

Service is quick and food is made keeping in mind utmost hygiene.

Food is weighed and packed in front of the guest.

Restaurant Service: Restaurant service allows the guests to sit, relax and dine with friends and family. It offers a comfortable ambience to enjoy talks while eating scrumptious food.


The restaurant has a comforting ambience.

Menu card is available to the guests to choose dishes from.

Open from 11am to 11 pm

It also provides an option to dine privately.

Open all through the year.

Accommodates masses

Offers value for money and speed delivery of dishes.

Catering: This service is about providing food for a special occasion for masses. It can be for corporate functions, weddings, special occasions etc.


Provide packed lunches

Provide food for airlines – Saudi Airlines

Catered food to many celebrities and corporates on their special occasions.

Home Delivery : The service allows the customers to order from home and get the food delivered at their home within half an hour to 45 minutes from placing the order.

Features: The home delivery service at Hyderabadi Biryani house is called as Dial-a-feast.

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