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How About Visting an Indian Vegeterian Restaurant in Dallas!

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If you are staying or visting Dallas and want to have some nice and yummy Indian vegeterian food, then you should visit The Cosmic Cafe. The cafe is located in the chic uptown area at 2919 Oak Lawn in Dallas. The cafe is also known for its trademark, third eye T-shirts.


The cafe is embellished by bright colors, indian-themed paintings giving the feel of indian restaurants ambience. 

The menu of the cafe is superb. Some visitors even impute it as heaven for the city's vegeterians. You will find that all the menus of the cafe have got some catchy names. For example: I hate Eggplants simply contains eggplant, onions and bell pepper. So, you see how tricky the name is.

You can not only enjoy food at the cafe, but can also join other activities by paying few extra dollars. You can have Dance Meditation, Community Yoga, Cosmic Kirtan, and many more activites.


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How About Visting An Indian Vegeterian Restaurant In Dallas!