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Apple Pan Restaurant Review


Apple Pan restaurant reviewA trip to LA would be incomplete if you don’t get to visit the famous Apple Pan Restaurant. Opened in the year 1947, the restaurant is famous for its hamburgers and apples pies with ice-creams. The motto of the Apple Pan is “Quality Forever” and believe me they surely live up to it, if not exceed it. The Apple Pan is a small restaurant but has a very authentic and aesthetic ambience. The restaurant has a really fast service so that you are not kept waiting for long.

Facts about Apple Pan

  • The Apple Pan is one of Los Angeles’s oldest continued restaurants and is also believed to be the basis and blueprint for the famous Johnny Rockets' chain of restaurants that is said to have copied everything ranging from  the menu, presentation etc to the idea of hamburger grilled-to-order in full view of the counter-seated customers from the Apple Pan.
  • The Apple Pan has a big central grill system encased with red brick wall and wrapped with a single continuous U shape diner with red stools which comprises of the whole of its sitting area with a capacity of maximum 26 people at most. While you wait for order, you can actually see it getting grilled and ready to be served.
  • The dish of the house is the Hickory Burger and the Steak Burger. The Hickory is served with a special secret recipe sauce and the steak burger is served with class hamburger relish.
  • In addition to apple and pecan pies, many others pies have been added over the years to the menu but the classic Apple Pan special “ Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream” still continue to be the favorites.
  • The menu is not very long and varied, but who needs that when the authentic classic food is good enough to make you keep coming back for more.
  • The Apple Pan is opened till midnight on weekdays and till 1:00 AM on weekends, so you surely would find something to eat here while returning late from Office after a tiring day.
  • There will often be a long queue or a huge crowd eager to enter the restaurant but don’t back out because of the queue if you are eager enough. The orders here, are served fast and you never have to wait much before you order is served.
  • Apart from the classic Hamburger, you can also try out the Tuna sandwich, egg salad, and the Swiss cheese burger.
  • Many a times you can catch a glimpse of a few celebrities having a lunch here in the afternoon due to its close proximity to various film studios.

For a 1960 type authentic classis lunch, make sure that you visit this place. You will have your memories refreshed here with some good old home baked burgers and pies. It looks the part and most importantly it acts the part. We are sure that you will have a whole new experience to share when you back home after your first time at the Apple pan.


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Apple Pan Restaurant Review