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Anne's Snack Bar


Anne's Snack BarIt is believed to be the Best Hamburger in America, a double bacon chili cheese burger with a special secret ingredient. The world knows it as “Ghetto Burger” and it can be only found in Ann’s Snack bar in the Hamburger’s city of America, Atlanta. So here we are again, ready to enlighten you, with Ann’s snack bar review. A trip to a beautiful place like Atlanta can be complete only if you visit Ann’s once and dive into the nostalgia that the ruggedness and history of this restaurant exudes.

History and Facts

  • Ann’s Snack Bar is a small restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. Owned and Run by Ann Price, popularly known as Miss Ann, it has created quite a reputation for itself since it was started in the year 1973.
  • The house special is the famous “Ghetto burger” which is a double cheese burger with chili, onion, bacon, and tomatoes served with mustard sauce.
  • Another variety is the Hood Burger where the lettuce and tomato is replaced with slaw, and is a little expensive than the Ghetto Burger.
  • Ann’s snack bar does not have a large seating capacity, size as expected, considering her the long list of loyal customers that forms the long waiting queue over the entrance of the snack bar every morning. The inside of the restaurant contains a refrigerator and an eight seat counter grill where Miss Ann will be seen busily grilling her patties.
  • Though the snack bar opens up at 11:30 in the morning, but line begins forming from 11:00 AM. Average waiting time in the line is close to 45 min, but, seriously, the food is worth the wait!
  • Miss Ann has two patrons working with her to run the bar , but even with that you will probably see her busy in her cooking all through the day
  • If you are lucky enough to get an entrance into the bar, don’t expect Miss Ann or her patrons to take you order straight away. Because of limited cooking space, only those many orders are taken which can fit the grill. So ever after you laboriously manage to get an entry into the bar, you may still have to wait before you get served by anyone.
  • Believe me one thing you don’t want to do inside the snack bar is to break rules. Miss Ann’s has a set of rules that she follows very strictly and you better not do any mischief while enjoying your snack in the bar.
  • Miss Ann’s doesn’t accept any credit and debit card, so one has to be ready with cash if you plan to have a snack there.

                  All in all, Miss Ann may seem to be a rude person but she is just another person who likes to manage the place on her own terms, and she has succeeded by far. Even the wait may seem to be too long for your liking but it surely will make your stay in Atlanta, a lot more delicious.




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Anne's Snack Bar