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Shady Glen Restaurant Review

Shady Glen Restaurant Review

The summer of fifties or sixties when you could tag along the dusty roads with a homemade strawberry ice cream and a yummy cheese burger to die for and enjoy the moments of leisure, sounds like a dream isn’t it? The Shady Glen Restaurant lets you live this dream and reminds you of the era of delicacies; of homemade ice creams which will make you lick your fingers clean. Shady Glen Restaurant Review will take you through a brief history and the interesting and delicious facts about Shady Glen.


The shady Glen restaurant is famous for their ice creams that are available in a very wide variety of flavors. Add to it, the classic 1960s style dinner and I am sure of you will be nostalgic of those good old golden days .Apart from their Hot sandwiches and wide variety of flavored original homemade ice cream, shady glen has also been a favorite spot of cheeseburger fans. Their signature cheeseburger “Bernice Original” became an instant success when it was invented in 1943 and still continues to entice the taste buds of many cheeseburger fans across the country. The shady Glen chain consists of two restaurants located in Manchester and Connecticut and is open all the year round. The chain currently serves only breakfast and lunch along with the service of take away counters, though delivery service is still not in picture. If you are travelling through Manchester, don’t miss out the opportunity to eat the countries best burger oozing with lots of freshly made soft, grilled and delicious cheese.


Interesting Facts

  • The shady glen started as dairy store in the 1948, when John and Bernice Rieg expanded their farm activities into production and marketing of ice-creams.
  • A number of well knows personalities also visited shady glen such as Jimmy Cagney, Paul Newman etc. In fact shady glen is the favorite eating place for a lot of TV and Radio personalities in the area. Several governors are also known to visit this restaurant.
  • The shady glen has been cited in many magazines. It was titled Reader’s Choice” by Connecticut Magazine for the best burger and it was also chosen by the Hartford Courant readers as having the best homemade ice cream of the country.
  • “The Bernice Original “also appeared on the TV show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate “, season 2 episode 3.
  • Even though the food is talked about the most, if you are looking for an uptown posh dining restaurant, Shady Glen may not be the correct choice. The service offered here, though, deserves applause.
  • Talking about the ambience of the restaurant, Shady Glen offers a quite diner like atmosphere where one could spend evenings with family and friends. The place may not be rage among the youngsters but the food is appreciated by all.


That’s all we have in the Shady Glen Restaurant Review for now. Don’t miss out on those extremely delicious shady Glen’s exclusive cheese burgers and ice creams when you hit the road for Manchester next time!


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Shady Glen Restaurant Review