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Gourmet Burger Kitchen Restaurant Review

Food can create wonders! It has the ability to inspire poets, painters; writers as well as simple food lovers who can set up a restaurant just because they miss the taste of the food cooked back home. The result of one such wish was the Gourmet Burger Kitchen Restaurant chain which was developed by three New Zealanders living in London who missed the way food tasted in New Zealand. Here, we bring to you, a review about the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, to give you an insight about the place where there is real fun in the bun! 


History of the Gourmet Burger Kitchen

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen or GBK chain was started way back in 2001 at Battersea, London with the opening of their first restaurant that was well-received by the London food lovers and critics as well. They currently have more than 50 restaurants worldwide and a number of franchises in Dubai, Turkey, and Greece as well.


Some interesting facts about GBK

  • The menu for GBK is designed by the celebrated New Zealand chef, Peter Gordon who has designed the menu keeping the restaurant food theme as the New Zealand cuisine.
  • The specialty of the restaurant is the most talked about burger available in different varieties catering to different customer requirements. One can try out the 100% Aberdeen Angus burgers like the Classic, Cheese burger, Mexican burger, Jamaican Burger, Blue Cheese burger, and the special Kiwi Burger that is composed of beetroot, egg, pineapple, aged cheddar, salad, mayo, and relish.
  • For those who are in love with the Chicken, you can try out the Pesto, mozzarella, salad, mayo, and relish combination of Pesterella or the Satay that is full of Satay sauce, salad, mayo, and relish.
  • For those you like things their own way, you can build your own burgers with the kind of toppings and fillings. For the vegetarians amongst us, GBK can be quite a delight. Falafel, Aubergine and Goat’s cheese, Puy Lentil and Malay are the veg burgers available that are full of juicy tomatoes, red pepper, mayo, onions and other greens.
  • One can also try out the salad menu that comprises of the Caesar salad, the special GBK salad , Chicken Chili salad, and Summer salad once in a while even though it is going to be quite tough to take your eyes ,rather your mouth off the delicious burgers.
  • For the sides, one could try out the onion rings, Chunky GBK fries, Chargrilled corn on the cob or a simple green salad.
  • For the juniors in your family, you can choose from the Junior set menu 6.25 and from among the fresh juices, milkshakes and Fab lolly.
  • The food usually tastes quite good and the service is quite friendly as well. However, the ambience may not be high-end. If you are looking for a posh dining restaurant, you can skip GBK this once.
  • GBK has been voted to be one burger house that has gone creative in its offerings. You find the style, the taste, the aroma all in types.
  • GBK has been taking up various causes to support the endangered species of animals like the Kiwi bird. For any Kiwi Burger sold at a GBK, 25p voluntary donation is sent to Whakatane Trust, a trust that is actively involved in protection of this flightless bird.
  • If you are thinking of hosting a burger party at home with a few friends around, you can definitely try out the succulent 6 oz Aberdeen Angus burgers available in the nearest Waitrose branches.


The GBK crew can surely do away with the plastic pots that contain the dips and improve the ambience a bit. But it won’t matter much if all you desire is a mouthful of tasty burger!!


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Gourmet Burger Kitchen Restaurant Review