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The Shake Shack Restaurant Review


Shake Shack Restaurant

A groovy and shaky name, to start with, and a hospitality approach along the same lines. Yes, we are talking about the Shake Shack restaurant. For those who are unaware of the famous hamburger joint in New York City, here is a Shake Shack Restaurant review to give you all the juicy details about the place.



When was Shake Shack founded?

The first Shake shack restaurant was opened in Madison square in 2004 and took to be a favorite hangout place for locals and tourists’ alike. Gradually various Shacks were opened up in other parts of the New York City. The shack mania then spread to, Miami, Washington, Westport, Saratoga Springs and cities Middle East countries like Kuwait and U.A.E.

The Shack Review

  • The restaurant claims to serve flavorful burgers citing the well griddled hand formed patties to be the reason for the flavor. The claims are backed up by the evidence that people do wait for 15-20 minutes in long queues to grab a burger at the place. So, if you wish to get a fine-dining experience of the American culture, the Shack, as it is commonly referred to, is highly recommended.
  • They have a list of items to offer. One can choose from among the trademark Shack burger, Cheeseburger, Hamburger, the vegetarian Shroom Burger, Shack Stack that is a combination of a Shroom burger and a Cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato and shack sauce. One can also try the flat top dogs; fries especially cheese fries, shakes and ice creams that come in all flavors. The shack offers a list of beverages that include wine and beer as well.
  • For those who suffer from any food allergies or Gluten intolerance, the specially designed Gluten Menu is provided as an option.
  • For some people the overall Shake Shack experience could turn out to be nostalgic as they recall the old American way of dining in at a casual restaurant surrounded by friends and family. For those who prefer people and places to be a click away, the long queues and extended waiting time could be a quite a turn-off.
  • The place is also famous for a great alfresco dining experience. People love the look and feel of the place, but if you do not like the hustle and bustle in the crowd, you could opt to go a little late in the afternoon when the rush recedes and enjoy a stylish meal seated at a regulation –green Parks Department table.
  • Other joints may try to mask the flavor of their meat with a variety of sauces or toppings; Shake Shack maintains their class with quality beef, a couple slices of cheese and warm, soft buns. The crispy lightly salted or heavily cheesed fries are hard to resist even though a good meal at the Shack , which includes trying out the shakes and the concrete aka frozen custard as well, cold turn out to be a little more than a fair budget dinner.
  • The Shake restaurants in the Middle-East have not quite been able to meet public expectations. The joint in Dubai is said to offer beat quality meat but the quality of burger seems to be quite average. People do term the experience as ‘family friendly’ but these joints fail to gather accolades from the public in general.


For those who would love to have a trendy and unique dining experience in a relaxing atmosphere, you could definitely check out ‘What is Shakin’ at your nearest Shake Shack restaurant. You might just love the experience of washing down the lip smacking burger with a swig of Opus Peak.


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The Shake Shack Restaurant Review