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Culver's Restaurant Review


Culver'sThe Culver's Restaurant is a one stop shop for those who love indulging into the ‘quick meal’ i.e. fast food. The following write-up brings to the fore, the various aspects of dining at the Culver’s. Here is a Culver’s Restaurant review for those who are oblivious to the Culver way of dining.




History of the Culver’s

The first Culver’s was opened in 1984 in Sauk city, Wisconsin by Craig Culver and his family and christened as “Culver’s Frozen Custard and Butter Burgers”. The chain has grown over to a range of 400 restaurants stretching across Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and other parts of America.



Interesting facts about Culver’s

  • Culver’s has an elaborate menu that offers the Culver’s trademark ButterBurgers and Frozen Custard that is sold in bulk. The menu consists of a variety of sandwiches, sides, drinks, kids’ meals, dinners, salads, and desserts. It surely is a favorite among the kids who love to collect the paper token given along with the kids meal, to cash in for prizes.
  • Culver’s may not be much of a treat for people looking for the best burgers in town but one can get good burgers and root beer at an affordable price. When the Culver’s are at their best, the burger is made up of a buttered bun full of flavored and well-seasoned meat with a caramelized crust on the patty. But then this may not always be the case.
  • The service at Culver’s is always polite and friendly and very seldom does one hear about dissatisfaction on those accounts. You could try out a cashew chicken salad or a mushroom Swiss burger in case you are looking for something new to please your palate.
  • For those of you who love Cod Fillet, the one served here is worth the money. It is a favorite among the regulars even though the quantity served has been slashed down recently. So you might want to order a second helping or dine someplace else, in case you are an ardent Cod Fillet fan.
  • A must try at Culver’s is the Concrete Mixer. It is a concoction of frozen custard with chunks of cookies, candies, fruits and gooey toppings. You could create your own Concrete Mixer just the way you want it, full of all your favorite toppings and mix-ins.Concrete Mixer-Culver Special
  • For those who are suffer from food allergies and sensitivities due to foods like dairy, eggs, fish etc, Culver’s offers a special menu. Since these allergic reactions occur when the immune system overreacts to a particular protein in food, Culver’s makes sure that it is able to cater to these special needs and provides the customer with an information guide that describes the kind of protein in each Culver dish.
  • Culver’s ventured into casual dining in the year 2000, when they opened the Culver’s Blue Spoon Cafe in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin as a soup-sandwich-salad restaurant. It is interesting to know that the name Blue Spoon is derived from the color of the spoons used at the café.
  • The freshly cooked chicken strips may take some time to be served, as they cook them fresh, but the taste lingers on throughout the day.
  • One could get the best tasting root beer at Culver’s. It is a must try for the first-timers at Culver’s.


The kids love the mixers and the adults love the meaty mouthfuls of burgers gulped down with beer. A visit at Culver’s can turn out to be a fine experience of gorging on old style American food. 


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Culver's Restaurant Review