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Theme Restaurants In Tokyo

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We all know that Tokyo is home to some of the best Michelin star restaurants in the world.  Besides, you can also come across some of the best theme restaurants in Tokyo. Tokyo offers a distinct variety when it comes to theme restaurants. And at times it becomes difficult to choose the best from various theme restaurants operating in Tokyo. Some of the outlandish theme restaurants in Tokyo are:



  • Alice in Wonderland: This place really lives upto its name with the wonderland flavored interiors and waitresses welcoming you in their Alice-inspired dresses. The place is a beautiful amalgamation of dramatic designs, psychedelic decorations, and a colorful costume play. But none of these seem to surpass the goodness of the food served here. You can expect appetizers on cheese board and breath-taking pizzas, which are arranged to appear like playing-card soldiers. Don’t leave the place before ordering Turtle mimosa salad, avocado sushi roll, and green caterpillar tuna.

    Alice in Wonderland; Taiyo Bldg, 5F, 8-8-5 Ginza, Chou-ku, Tokyo 104-0061; +81 3 3574 6980


  • Namahage: One name for this place is simply unpredictable. At times you may get : amused at seeing the people dressed as demons, or shriek out when lights go suddenly off during the dining because the namahage demons may rush to your table and whisper something into the ear. When the lights go off the Namahage demons find time to enquire whether you are lazy or bad. You are supposed to prove your innocence by faking an emotion of fear or surprise.  You will often find it difficult to say what was more exciting a fulfilling meal or traumatizing and character testing behavior of namahage demons. Drop in once to experience this out of the world and thrilling dining experience.

     Namahage; 2nd floor, Roppongi3-13-2, Minato-ku, Tokyo; +81 3 5410 0012


  • Vowz: You can call it a spiritual-themed bar or a soulful restaurant.  Yoshinobu Fujioka is the man behind this place. Fujioka being an ordained Buddhist priest of Shin Buddhism thought of starting the place which also enlightens the minds of the diners. Fujioka serves drinks to customers, and tries to get them to open up over jokes, listens to their day- to- day problems and offering them  solutions and advises them to follow Buddhist Way of life.  Don’t forget to attend his prayer ceremony, which he conducts before the altar in the corner and also try to have his mix of lemon, cranberry juice, and habushu poisonous snake water or a glass of special concoction named Wise hot water. This is one of the more unique theme restaurants in Tokyo.

    2F AG Bldg, 6 Arakicho, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku; +81 3 3353 1032


  • Ninja Akasaka: This is one of the best theme restaurants in Tokyo because it translates you back to the nostalgic shogun-era. You are greeted by a ninja at the door who hands over the secret password to you. Don’t forget to enjoy the spectacular disintegrating bridge. The food is excitingly Japanese. Some say that the place is an amalgamation of Ninjas of Tokyo weds Indiana Jones type of interiors.

    1F Akasaka Tokyu Plaza 2-14-3 Nagata-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; +81 3 5157 3936


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Theme Restaurants In Tokyo