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MCL Cafeteria Review

Whenever we talk about home-style food restaurants, the name which prominently surfaces in view is MCL Cafeterias. For those of us, who love eating out of the box, the packed food ordered from MCL Cafeteria is one of the best choices among packaged home-delivered food. To provide an insight into the MCL way of serving here is a quick MCL Cafeteria Review for you. 



The MCL Story

Quickly garnering a reputation of serving mouthwatering food in homely atmosphere at reasonable prices, MCL is a popular name is Mid-west. MCL aka McLaughner’s Cafeterias was founded by Charles O. McGaughey and George Laughner in Indianapolis in 1950.


Facts about MCL

  • At MCL, the philosophy of “Homemade. Every day.” is followed. Quality ingredients are used to prepare a fresh, aromatic homemade meal.
  • MCL promises to serve a wide variety of dishes each day. One can choose to try out the Carved Roast Beef, Fried Chicken, Baked Fish, Homemade Casserole, Baked or Grilled Chicken, 

    Noon Special Sandwich, or Chef’s Taste of the Day that is the chef’s special.
  • They offer certain  signature dishes which have been a favorite among customers across generations. These include Chicken and Noodles, Beef Manhattan, Ham and Beans, liver and Onions, Carved Turkey, Angus Swiss Steak, Stuffed Chicken Breast, Salmon Supreme, Baked Tilapia FiletFish Almandine, Fresh Whole Catfish and  Chopped Steak.
  • The food tastes pretty good but the the service  seems to have degraded over the years.In the MCL at Springlfield,there have complaints regarding the quality of drinking water served.
  • A special platter called the Mayfield Value Plate is offered as an affordable option to the customers and consists of your choice of entrée, two sides and bread.
  • It is interesting to know that the day at MCL starts at 5:30 am, long before the doors are thrown open for the customers.
  • MCL is one of the few restaurants that focus on getting the best produce for ingredients. They order fresh ingredients from some of the best growers in the country like the Tuttle Orchards, Irani Tea and Melon Acres, Inc.
  • Three different kinds of carry-out meal packages are currently onboard. Packages of different sizes i.e. Size 1 for one person, size 2 for a couple, size 3 for more than 2 people are the currently available carry-out options.
  • For those of us who love to receive rave reviews from the guests at parties, MCL Restaurant and Bakery catering service is an excellent option. One can choose from a Family-style menu and a full-service menu accordingly, depending on the number of guests and the kind of gathering. They offer services of a catering specialist who can help you choose from the menu and organize the whole event.
  • There is more in store for those who plan to host a wedding buffet or any such gathering.MCL offers a lot of offers for to be couples to grab excellent discounts on banquet orders.
  • There is a plethora of dishes to choose from on the menu. Nearly 700,000 meal combinations are under $9. It sounds mind-boggling, but true!
  • To imbibe good eating habits among kids, MCL has been carrying out a lot of activities. Being a member of the Clean Platers Club, Simon says and Tic-Tac-Toe motivates the young ones to finish off their food, in lieu of which they get a whole lot of goodies. What a fun way of making the kids eat the right food!


So whenever you want to feel good and try out food that comforts you, check out the MCL Cafeteria close to you. You would surely be impressed with the scrumptious meals and the ample portions of the food offered. And of course, a second helping is surely in store. Bon appétit! 


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MCL Cafeteria Review