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Theme Restaurants In Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is home to some of the best and unusual theme restaurants in the world. If you are yet to visit any of the theme restaurants in Los Angeles, then read through this blog to get a fair idea of some of the same. 

Here goes our take on Los Angeles theme restaurants:

Son of a Gun: This eatery has been around only since 2008, but in a very short time frame it has encompassed most prominent national recognitions like Food & Wine Best New Chefs of 2009, Wine List of the Year by GQ Magazine and two James Beard nominations, Rising Star Chefs by Star Chefs. Chefs Vinny Dotolo, and Jon Shook have started it as comfort dining space but it shot into limelight with its exemplary Mediterranean seafood theme.  The menu changes with every season and you can’t stop raving about the choice of dishes chosen by the chefs to welcome the guests.

Address: Son of a Gun Restaurant, 8370 W. 3rd street, Los Angeles, CA 90048


Tangier Korean BBQ: This Korean theme restaurant in Los Angeles is dedicated to the Korean cuisine. The moment you enter into the restaurant you are relegated to the world of New Asia. You can never stop raving about Korean influenced entrees, kobe beef, and freshly grilled vegetables. You can trigger your appetite with a refreshing freshly prepared cocktail.

Address: 2138 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles,  CA 90027


Bubba Gump Shrimp Co: This is a Cajun, Creole theme restaurant in Los Angeles. As the name of the eatery mimics the 90's favorite movie Forest Gump. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, is perhaps the first movie-themed restaurant in the world. The diners aren't disappointed either because they can relish the references, and, trivia of this famous movie. The diners often seem to be bowled OVER with good food presentations. The place offers nice views too, if you could manage to reach out for the seat in front row then you can watch the action of Times Square in New York and the exotic food experience sensually transports you to the comfort of Cajun life. From just a local eatery, the restaurant has grown to become a global brand.  

Address: Universal City Walk, 1000 Universal Studios Blvd, Ste 114, Universal City, CA 91608


Monsoon Café: Dining at Monsoon Café can be a tropical experience. The place is adorned with Balinese masks, semiprivate booths, bamboo walls, and shack bar action. The Monsoon café is always bustling with energy with routine dance and dining atmosphere. The menu is totally centered on Asian delicacies. You can enjoy the one-in- lifetime-Sushi experience with exotic fish, edible gold embellishments with an elegant price tag.

Address: 1212 3rd Street Promenade   Santa Monica, CA 90401


La Traviata: This place is reserved for grand occasions. The restaurant pays tribute to nineteenth –century décor extravaganza. The moment you enter into the restaurant you are bowled over by the ornate wooden paneling, crystal chandeliers, high ceilings, and overall opera atmosphere.

Address: 301 Cedar Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802


A visit to any of these restaurants will equip you with memorabilia which you can nurse for a lifetime. 


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Theme Restaurants In Los Angeles