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Theme Restaurants In Melbourne

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This blog focuses on some of the best theme restaurants in Melbourne. If you are a newbie to Melbourne and expecting something more than just a regular dining experience then don’t forget to visit these theme restaurants. These theme restaurants serve you with all which you might have never expected to witness at an eatery. Here goes our take on some of the best themed restaurants in Melbourne.


  • Dracula’s, Melbourne: This is supposed to be Australia’s longest successfully running dinner theater.  You can expect a night dedicated to music, dining, and burlesque. Also, you can’t stop your hearts getting whelmed to the scenes from the latest Dracula musical complete with roaring laughter’s and scary themes. The theme of the show changes very often to attract the diners to the place.

    Address: 100 Victoria Street, Carlton, VIC, 3053,Tel: (03) 9347 3344


  • The Cuckoo Restaurant, Olinda: The Cuckoo is one of the quintessential smorgasbord restaurants in the world. The restaurant has been around for about a century and in its early years the place was known as Quamby. The place offers wonderful Smorgasbord (a pattern of Scandinavian meals which is served with multiple Swedish dishes and the ritual is also popular in other Nordic countries too) buffet meals starting from the soups, to Nordic delicacies including roasts, vegetable fares, German sausages, and Bavarian dishes.

    Address: 508 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road Olinda Victoria Australia 3788


  • Witches In Britches, West Melbourne: This dinner theater would amaze you with its hilarious shows and exemplary dishes. The witch-hunt style interiors of the restaurant deliver a very scary atmosphere. You can experience an out - of- a - movie screen experience at this restaurant. The diners are entertained to the musical plays which change according to themes.

    Address: 84, Dudley Street, (Cnr King and Dudley Street), West Melbourne VIC, Ph. Number: 03 93299850.


  • Restaurant Fifteen: This restaurant is a lot different from those already on this list, because of the work principle followed. Restaurant fifteen is considered as one of the few unusual restaurants in the world which employ unemployed youngsters. Every year the restaurant educates 25-30 less privileged youths to take up various aspects of restaurant business. The management strives to introduce them to the business and educates them in detail about how the restaurant works and for what. Most of the diners find it worth visiting many times after their first visit due to its exemplary way of functioning.

    Address: B115/117 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


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Theme Restaurants In Melbourne