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Theme Restaurants In Sydney

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We can help you to reach out to some of the best theme restaurants in Sydney.  Sydney is a melting pot of various cultures and this cultural diversity is visible in case of its eateries too.  Australians prefer to visit such theme restaurants for celebrating private group lunches or corporate lunches. Unlike other super cities of the world, Sydney theme restaurants are very unique in terms of operation and food culture too. Read through this blog to reach out to some of best theme restaurants in Sydney.


Almustafa: This is a Lebanese restaurant operating from Glebe Point in Sydney. It overlooks the heart of Glebe. The place is one of the few restaurants in Sydney offering authentic Lebanese food. The Arabian cushion room and dining room supported by riot of bright colors is all that makes Almustafa- an Arabian heaven. If you are landing up on Friday and Saturday – then there are all chances of seeing performances by Arabian belly dancers. The place has an amazing distinction for serving good food. We assure you that this is perhaps one of the best theme restaurants in Sydney.

Address: 23 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW, 2037


Had To Happen: This restaurant is located in the heart of North Sydney and is famous for the Californian Mexican cuisine it serves.  Also, you cannot escape the Mexican charm of its interiors.  You will love the mix of flavors of mouth-watering, vegetarian, vegan, and coeliac menus at Had To Happen.

ifood Tip: Don’t leave the place without sampling their wonderful margaritas.

Address: Corner of Mount Street and Walker Street, North Sydney, NSW 2065


Machiavelli: This restaurant has been listed in “100 Most Influential Australian Dining Locations” by none other than the Bulletin. The report dubs it as an eclectic mix of “powerful” and “elite”. The restaurant is known for its larger than life attitude towards food and bold characters (read typical Italian delicatessen atmosphere).  You can satiate your senses with the appealing view of bread, ham, and salami on ceiling. You can have your food in conversation with Celebrity patrons who smile at you from the portraits on the walls.

Address: 123 Clarence Street Sydney NSW, 2000


Tharen’s : This is Sydney’s one and only Fancy Dress-themed restaurant which has acquired Five Star Rating.  The five reasons to host a party at Tharen’s are: Drag –stess (which will ignite your dull moods to up roaring laughter), Dedicated staff (the staff entertains you with their magic tricks, amusing antics, and charming behavior), Makeover (the restaurant underwent a sumptuous makeover in 2009), Special Dining Packages (are offered at five star prices), and A happening Night Life (You can groove away to a memorable night of your lives).

Address: 13-15 Kellet Way, Kings Cross NSW 2011, Sydney, Australia, Proprietor: Bobby Jewell


The Mediterranean: This is one of the authentic Greek-themed restaurants operating in Sydney. Their motto reads: - We serve “Greek food with Entertainment, Style and Love."  Also they urge you to party the way Greeks do. This Greek food paradise never ceases to bowl you with its Mediterranean charm. This venue is mostly flocked by women who come here to celebrate their Hen parties.

Address: Level 1, 31-33 Oxford Street   Surry Hills   NSW   2010  (Closest Cross Street Pelican Street)


You all are welcome to share your experiences at the above mentioned theme restaurants in Sydney. 


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Theme Restaurants In Sydney