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Theme Restaurants In New York

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If you are planning a leisure trip to New York, you need to be aware of the best theme restaurants in New York city for a wholesome and interesting dining experience. Here is what you can expect at some of the  New York’s themed restaurants.


  • American Girl Palace: This place can interest girls and women alike, especially those who are interested in the dolls collection. This place is also a hit amongst kids because they can buy their favorite dolls here. American Girl Palace not only doubles up as a doll heaven but also offers some other unique dining experiences.  You can head to this place for a brunch, lunch, dinner or late night supper with doll loving girls in tow. We bet the girls wouldn't stop raving about the place.

    Address: 609 Fifth Avenue (at 49th Street), New York, NY 10017, (877) 247-5223


  • Ninja: Dining at Ninja can be an exemplary experience in itself. You can expect a little more than just the regular dining atmosphere fostered by most of the themed restaurants in the US. You can literally live through the nostalgic experiences of dining. The décor of the restaurant is made to look like a typical Ninja castle from the days of feudal landlords. The waiters play their role of ninjas very well and will bowl you with their serving and interaction skills. The kids don’t seem to get enough of the stickers, and origamis, which the waiters serve to them during the waiting time.

    Address:  25 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013, (212) 274-8500


  • Ellens Stardust Dinner: If anyone asks us to define it in one word then we can simply say that this place is a timeless classic. The dinner is themed to appear like a nostalgic era of 1950’s when Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland ruled the roost in Hollywood. Every morsel of the food that you enjoy here will simply push you to regale in the aura of 1950’s. From the predicta television screens of the 50’s to subways honoring beauties you can't stop raving about the place. The train lovers can also enjoy the sight of City's largest indoor train named 'New York Royal,' which moves around the place where you are awaiting the dinner. The entertainment shows and singing wait staff add fun to the dining  experience.

    Address:  1650 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 , (212) 956-5151


  • Mars 2112: In our opinion, this is one of the best theme restaurants in New York due to its very unpredictable and surprisingly joyous dining atmosphere. By dining here you can just make yourself accustomed to the atmosphere of UFO’s. The Mars bar and Space Arcade really transport you to the interiors of UFO. The dining area is known as Crystal crater. The foods, waiters, and atmosphere all have a space themed aura about them.

    Address: 1633 Broadway (at 51st Street), New York, NY 10019, (212) 489-2112


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Theme Restaurants In New York