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Top Japanese restaurants in Las Vegas

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Oishii! Very Oishii!! - you hear this (often you would) at any table of some of the top Japanese restaurants in Las Vegas. However, don’t worry because this japans term, which sounds more like an English slang, it actually means ‘tasty’. So just enjoy authentic Japanese cuisines at these Japanese restaurants in Las Vegas and have some Oishii food ;)


Sushi Roku

3500 Las Vegas Boulevard South


If you thought life in Las Vegas is lively and tempting, you also ought to know that Sushi Roku’s contribution is high in this. A highly popular Japanese restaurant, Sushi Roku, brings some absolutely stunning designed menu and mouth-watering preparations which has been a part of elaborate Japanese royal and humble dining table. If seafood is your weakness try Shrimp Lettuce cups with Schimi and Ginger Guacamole and if meat is your take go for Kobe Beef Tataki with garlic and ponzu, and for the vegetarian Japanese food lovers Shishito Japanese pepper with Soy garlic or Tofu steak with sautéed mushrooms in Ponzu citrus broth.


Nobu Restaurant

4455 Paradise Road 


Experience the hi-life at Nobu restaurant, which brings some yummiest of Japanese cuisine with a subtle taste of western taste, making it apt for western appetite and taste. Its located at Hard Rock Hotel and casino, so you can plan your visit while you try your luck with the cards. And while there is no guarantee that your luck favors in casino, at Nobu you can be sure of that Japanese taste, which any food-lover would crave for. The décor pronounces class and makes it a perfect place for any day – date, family gathering, friends’ get-together, or official meet. Big Eye Tuna Tataki with Ponzu, salsa or Tosazu priced at $ 21 is a treat in itself. If you are a first timer to Nobu, you can try their signature dish, which will make you fall in love with Japanese food.


Japonais Restaurant

Mirage Hotel & Casino


Come to Japonais for some fine-dining experience to one of top Japanese restaurants in Las Vegas and get an experience that will linger till you come here again. The service, food, presentation, décor, ambience—everything will engulf you in a serene state where you can savor each bite. Their specialties – Kobe beef robata grilled over Japanese charcoal – Bin Cho Tan Kani Nigri; Maple Leaf Smoked Duck house smoked with hoisin sauce, mango chutney and mushu wrap. A whole gamut of veg dishes is also available for vegetarian food lovers.


Koi Restaurant

Planet Hollywood Resort, 3667 Las Vegas Blvd South


Inspired from the Japanese kitchen and with a hint of Californian cuisine, the menu is richer and lavish. The décor too is an amalgamation of eastern and western good things and cultural hues, giving an overall relaxing and pure environ to dine in. The signature dishes at Koi Restaurant have helped the restaurants turn their first-timers in loyalist with the following dishes – Crispy rice topped with spicy tuna; yellowtail Carpaccio with Grapeseed oil, Ponzu and Wasabi Tobiko; Grilled skirt steak with crispy red onions and sesame sauce and much more.


Let East meet West during your Las Vegas trip and try some authentic and innovative Japanese cusine at these top Japanese restaurants in Las Vegas.


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Top Japanese Restaurants In Las Vegas