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Top Greek restaurants in London

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Greek lamb dish

The names of the dishes may be Greek to you, but the taste is Nostimo (delicious in English). The top Greek restaurants in London bring some genuinely and traditionally Greek cuisine in the heart of London for that special taste. While the ambience and environ in these Greek restaurants in London reflect the ancient and modern Greek culture, the food just reflects one things – good taste. The listed top Greek restaurants in London could save you time and you may straight head to any of these whenever you feel like having a change of palate.



As Greek As It Gets

233 Earl’s Court Road


While the a-la-carte menu at As Greek As It Gets gives you a whole range of authentic Greek cuisine to choose from, the daily specials gets that exotic Greek preparation, which is rare and divine and many modern Greeks also may not know about that secret, which transcends since ages. Indulge in cheese, potato and meat dishes along with a variety of Greek wines or Ouzo and try out some Bifteki with feta dip, Moshari me Meli and much more at an even delicious price.


Andy’s Taverna

81 -81a Bayham Street


A relaxed atmosphere sets the mood, wherein you have to let loose yourself and indulge in great Greek food served here. If luck favors you, you might get to be audience to occasional and special Greek music nights that gives another sneak peek into the rich Greek culture. The prices and food are enough for you to come here again, like you get a three-course set lunch for £ 9.50. Andy's Taverna is apt for all kinds of celebration and parties. Try out the Houmous, Tzatziki, Halloumi cheese and Loundza grilled from the special menu at the restaurant.


Vrisaki Kebab House

73 Myddleton Road


If you are a first timer for Greek food, Vrisaki Kebab House will make you fall in love with it. Nearly £ 20 to £ 25 bill can give you a more than enough food with drink to enjoy from. Loyalists not only rave about the service and food here, which is authentically and most delicious Greek food. The best part if the quantity served here so you need to be really hungry if you want to dine at Vrisaki and enjoy every dish that you like. Best place for family outing or friend’s gate-together.



48-50 Belsize Lane


Greek Salad

Retsina has been known for its unadulterated authenticity of Greek food and is hence favorite place of Greek food lovers. Complemented by many critics for its perfect taste and service, the restaurant is highly popular in London. The highest number on the menu is £ 22.50 and the lowest is £ 3.80, and the visit can be budgeted accordingly.  A meat meze (fixed menu) at £ 18.50 is highly appreciated offer in the restaurant, as it includes dishes of – fish, meat, hot and cold appetizers—all in one.


Why look at the calendar for Greece trip to get that taste, when the most authentic is found in London. All you need to do is, choose from the above listed top Greek restaurants in London and enjoy the scrumptious meal.


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Top Greek Restaurants In London