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Top Japanese Restaurants In Sydney

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Experience the humble Japanese hospitality with scrumptious Japanese food on a platter in the heart Australian city Sydney – well, this is the motive of these top Japanese restaurants in Sydney, who have been ruling the food world in the city with their authentic cooking techniques. So why not try the wonderful combination of Austrlian life and Japanese food. While you take the suggestion and start on your quest of fine Japanese food, the list below will come in handy.



Azuma Chifley

Level 1, Chifley Plaza


With its classy décor and elegant ambience, the restaurant seems like a perfect place for any occasion, especially with its Japanese gourmet offers. Azuma Chifley has a number of awards and recognitions in its kitty, however, what they like to flaunt is the authentic Japanese cuisine in which they have set unmatched standards. A la carte menu, set menu, group menu and a special sushi and sashimi menu, the restaurant has much more to offer than guest to ask for. Not to forget the wine and sake menu that complements every dish ordered to perfection. They also have take-away facility.


Kobe Jones

29 Lime Street


Kobe Jones is as Australian as it is Japanese. A perfect example of east meets west, Kobe Jones brings contemporary Japanese cuisine with a Californian hint. A waterfront position complemented by some good Japanese food is enough to turn any day into an occasion. Let the waiter or chef guide you through the menu if you feel it might be risky, or you may have the tried-and-tested sushi or sashimi. Cocktails, wines and sake complete the Japanese dining experience.


Komachi Restaurant

426 Cleveland, Surry Hills


Komachi means most beautiful and the restaurant Komachi stands true to its name with its authentic Japanese food and hospitality, making it a beautiful experience for its guest. The Sushi rolls, namely – teriyaki chicken hand roll; Komachi roll; salmon and avocado roll – served here are very popular. The place is favorite of those who want it good on both taste and pocket, because the prices here are as tempting as the dishes are.


Waqu Restaurant

salmon roll

308, Pacific Highway


If you are a first timer in a Japanese restaurant and want to try something which is close of Japanese, Waqu can give you that experience. With $60 set menu, which has six course menu designed for you. He dishes come with Japanese touch and comprise mainly modern Japanese cuisine. The menu is seasonal and changes with season to include the seasonal local farm produce in the preparations. While the raw material is local the technique followed is Japanese, making it a complete global meal with Japanese hint.



12-14 O’ Connell Street


Masuya oozes elegance with its theme décor, which brings Japanese culture alive in a foreign setting, completed well with authentic Japanese food in heart of Australia’s most lively city, Sydney. A specially dedicated Oyster menu makes the task easy as you can directly choose your favorite. Prices are moderate; however a pre set budget will help.


From island nation to another the sanguine city of Sydney in Australia, Japanese cuisine has so far found may takers. And some of the top Japanese restaurants are regularly dishing out some of the authentic and fusion Japanese food.


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Top Japanese Restaurants In Sydney