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Top Chinese restaurants in New York

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Fried noodles

Be it the most popular momos or the exotic sautéed loofah, you will find it all in some of the top Chinese restaurants in New York. Being one of the most popular cuisines, Chinese food is a favorite cuisine of food aficionados. This popularity comes with the responsibility of serving the most delectable dishes every time. And these top Chinese restaurants are doing an excellent job in keeping up to the expectation of the Chinese food fans. So enjoy the tried-and-tested or experiment with the exotic and new and yet authentic Chinese food in the listed restaurants.



Joe’s Shanghai

136-21 37th Avenue


City has loved its crab pork meat and soup dumplings, and food lovers have never restricted themselves to popular dishes. No wonder why Joe's Shanghai restaurant has always been doing justice to both the loyalists and experiment-loving foodies. Find the most authentic Sichuan and Shanghai delicacies at Joe’s Shanghai, which also brings you delicacies from other province of China too. Indulge in braised duck, Crispy Jumbo prawn with lime sauce and wine chicken to justify the numerous awards that the restaurant has received for its excellent food and services.


Oriental Garden

14 Elizabeth Street


Oriental Garden has a definition of Chinese food for those who feel that every Chinese dish tastes same. At Oriental Garden, food comes with a promise to serve you taste of China, so it brings you authentic flavors of various provinces of China combined with fresh farm produce from local market. Salt bake spicy silver fish, Szechuan style prawn, triple seafood and crispy tofu – are among the most popular dishes here. Prices are moderate; however, a budget should be planned before going.



325 Chestnut Street


You need to be there and do that before you agree with my blog. Buddakan may prove to be the best Chinese restaurant in New York, however, the authenticity of Chinese food is so unadulterated here that you may feel better taking help of the staff. If you like Chinese food, this is the place to be, however, if you want it your way, you may also find it on request. The restaurant also has innovative style of Chinese cooking to make it suitable for its customer. Kobe Slider, barbecue ribs, Nori crusted big eye tuna are among the dishes that are worth-trying.


Shun Lee

Pan fried noodles

43 W 65th Street

With their dragons and white monkeys, Shun Lee has successfully created an ambience that can, when combined with authentic Chinese haute cuisine, can take you to a gastronomical tour of China mainland in matter of seconds. The menu boasts of a number of regional delicacies like beggar’s chicken baked in lotus leaves and clay; Beijing duck; Hunan tripe are a few of the signature dishes of Shun Lee.


Chin Chin

216 East, 49th Street


Chin Chin has something more than just Chinese but in authentic Chinese way. So they have ingredients from all over to make a perfect recipe from China. Grand Mariner prawns and minced squab in lettuce pockets ( $15.50) have been the favorite of many of the loyalists in the restaurants. Not to forget the impeccable wine list, which complement the food just perfectly.    


Be it a casual and quick meal or a lavish dinner, haute regional Chinese cuisine at these top Chinese restaurants in New York have everything to offer to make your occasion a perfect and memorable one.


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Top Chinese Restaurants In New York