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Top Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles

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The popularity of Mexican food is very much enhanced and celebrated by some of the top Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles. No matter where you are, Mexican food, with their great taste and look are getting omnipresent and also loved by all. A judicious use of ingredient in right proportion making it just perfect for body and soul is the specialty of Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles. Enjoy every mood and occasion at these eating joints with Mexican gourmet treat.


Best Fish Taco in Ensenada

Los Feliz, 1650 N Hillhurst Avenue

The restaurant, Best Fish Taco in Ensenada, gets the Baja beach experience for you served on a platter. So enjoy the chef’s performance as they cook, stir, wrap – right in front of you, so that you can see those crisp yet tender fish and shrimps in a salsa and some cream to top it all. Befriend with the chef and get some secret recipe served not shared and enjoy every bite of the taco, made especially for you, with your choice of drink. You need not be beach ready, the place will make you so as you chit-chat with the chef and see your taco get crisp, soft and handed to you for that heavenly and yummy bite.

La Serenata

10924 West Pico BLVD

With three branches, La Serenata restaurant, is one of the top Mexiccan restaurants in Los Angeles, serving authentic Mexican food to the food lovers. Enjoy Mexican fine dining in heart of Mexico with la Serenata. Mexian shrimp cocktail (Coctel de Camarones Mexicano)is quiet popular in the cold appetizer section. Fish Burritas, tacos de pescado, Flautas de Carne Deshebrada are some of the must-try dishes, which are priced at $18 to $20, are fine examples of a rich Mexican food. A commitment to be environment friendly is yet another reason to make it more respected and contribute your share by being there.


2056 Hillhurst Avenue

Enjoy the authentic Mexican food with or without a twist in a relaxed environment, where you can unwind or celebrate with some scrumptious gourmet from Mexico. A lively ambience welcomes you and helps you forget the world and just relish every bite from the Mexican kitchen. Moreover, it isn’t a mass cooking for all guests, at Yuca’s it is believed that every guest is special (a Mexican belief) and hence needs a special signature in the dish, to ensure that every delicacy is cooked with special care and treatment.  

El Carmen

8138 W Third Street

El Carmen They treasure the comments of their guest more than the awards. Whether you plan to have some fun with tequila shots or some traditional and amazing Mexican recipes, the place is all ready to serve you. Tequilla shrimp, guacamole, a whole gamut of margarita – both veg and non-veg – and tacos make your Mexican treat complete. Also expect a que, which is so justified given the good food.


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Top Mexican Restaurants In Los Angeles