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Top Japanese restaurants in Singapore

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Japanese KorokkeJapanese food are much popular all over the world and many countries and in Singapore’s tourism-favorite cities have a good number top Japanese restaurants. Japanese restaurants in Singapore are a hit both among the Japanese in Singapore and foodies from all over the world. The list below gets you to choose from the top Japanese restaurants in Singapore and make your Singapore trip a lot more memorable.


Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant

22, Scotts Road

Famous for its 23-seat Shushi bar, the restaurant is paradise for shushi lovers. It is authentic because it is from Japan, that is, the exotic and rare seafood are brought to the restaurants right from Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market. Even the rice served is authentic Japanese. If you don’t have indepth knowledge about Japanese food, yet you would love to enjoy, you can very well bank on the staff, which is well-informed and can guide your way through a divine gourmet experience. Get to taste and experience the seafood treated with creative genius to bring out the right flavor. Seasonal produce rule the menu and keep it ever-young.

Nadaman Japanese Restaurant

Shangri La Hotel

A renowned name in Japanese cuisine, Nadaman Japanese Restaurant is one of the top Japanese restaurants in Singapore. A favorite of both many important people and common food lovers, from all over the world, the restaurant, brings just the right balance of the charismatic old-world and new food culture. It also brings for you the special delicacy from Japan along with the favorite of a Japanese household. With two centuries of rich tradition of serving the best taste of Japan to the world, the place is definitely worth a visit and many more visits.

Inagiku Japanese Restaurant

Raffles, The Plaza

Dining at Inagiku might be dicey, so resorting to the staff for guidance is the best bet. Because the cuisine is authentic Japanese and every ingredient is treated in the most Japanese method, it is always good to go with the suggestion of the knowledgeable or take the tested one. Sushi is the best option, which will make the day for you with its assorted seafood delights with salmon roe. Some Tempura Moriawase, with fresh fillets of flatfish and exotic fresh Japanese vegetables, all in a crisp and soft batter, will give you a glimpse into the rich Japanese flavor. For the adventures ones, they also served Japanese fusion food.

Keyaki Japanese Restaurant

7, Raffles Boulevard, Marina Sqaure

You can make a blind choice here, especially in seafood, and be sure you will not regret, however, the bill may make you regret. Anything that you order will be fresh and freshness will reflect in the taste – be it the succulent meat or crunchy veggies. You can try some live lobster and find it yummy with some Japanese seasoning and ingredients. The ambience too takes you on trip through the island nation with the Japanese décor and staff dressed in Kimonos.

A visit to the above mentioned top Japanese restaurants in Singapore may make you fall in love with the Japanese cuisine and your next destination might be the island nation.

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Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore