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Top Chinese restaurants in San Francisco

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Chinese dinner menu  Before typecasting the oriental cuisine to only noodles and long-grain rice, take a look at some of the top Chinese restaurants in San Francisco. As you take a look at the menu card, a whole gamut of exotic and traditional oriental cuisine in best of taste and aroma, greet and welcome you to a whole new world of Chinese gourmet. Following are the top Chinese restaurants in San Francisco, which are a must-visit and must-try for every foodie, so check out the details before you go on to explore the provincial taste of China mainland.




May Flower

6255 Geary Street

Serving some authentic Cantonese food along with a huge selection of live seafood both local and imported, May Flower, is one of the top Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. In a comfortable ambiance, they provide some of the best known and authentic contemporary Chinese preparations. The best place to try some ‘double boiled shark’s fin soup’, ‘baked whole stuffed conch’, ‘Alaska King crab’ and many more such offerings from the deep blue sea. And, it doesn’t even cost an earth to enjoy the delicacies.


Hunan’s Home Restaurant

622 Jackson Street

One the best in the city since 1983, Hunan’s Home Restaurant has been a familiar name for every food lover with its quality food and reasonable pricing. Some of the most popular dishes in each sections are – In fowl and beef enters section – ‘Sliced Chicken with snow peas’, which is priced at $ 10.50 has earned many loyalist to the restaurant. The sizzling platter offers ‘sizzling seafood deluxe’, and ‘sizzling Hunan bean curd (sautéed with shredded pork in black bean sauce) as a  favorite of first-timers and regulars both.


Ton Kiang Red cabbage Chinese dish

 5821 Geary Blvd

Right from the household of North China, Ton Kiang, brings some finest Chinese Hakka cuisine to the American city. Stressing on the use of fresh ingredients, Ton Kiang uses the fresh local produce for every dish and everything from dip, sauce to pickles are made in their own kitchen following the very Chinese method. Ha gao (shrimp dumplings), cha siu bao (barbecued pork buns) and don tah (egg custard tart) are few form the Dim Sum menu, which are most in demand, are marked at $ 38. Apart from the Dim Sum menu, a main menu and banquet menu too offers an array of Chinese delicacies prepared in most authentic manner.


Yank Sing Restaurant

 101 Spear Street

Much popular among the business crowd of the financial district, Yank Sing restaurant, is equally popular among the families and tourists too, with its Shanghai methods and famous dim sum (read deem sum, as suggested by Yank Sing restaurant). Their website suggests that Dim sum means ‘to touch the heart’. A variety of dim sums being offered the way you like it – steamed, fried, grilled, baked or stir-fried. A few of them are – stuffed lotus leaf, Mandarin dumplings, Shanghai dumplings, gold fish dumplings and Peking duck among many other.  


Dragon Well

2142 Chestnut Street

Dragon Well restaurant aims at serving some traditional favorites like – Kung Pao Chicken and Mangolian beef to the American land for their fellow Chinese and now for everyone, who loves food. They also went on to introduce some popular and authentic gourmet dishes like steamed fish and Hong Kong noodles too. Tea-smoked duck, minced chicken in lettuce cups and beef chow fun, Soy noodle delight -- are a few of items from its dinner menu.


Before the above checklist becomes your wish-list, get into the above mentioned top Chinese restaurants in San Francisco and try out the dishes as straight from a Chinese household kitchen.

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Top Chinese Restaurants In San Francisco