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Top 10 Restaurant Chains

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Top restaurant chains are flourishing with people settling into 'eating out' culture and taking to fast food amidst life on the run. Given below are the top 10 restaurant chains of the world and let us take a look at their plans for this new year.


McDonald's – McDonald's is bringing new products in the form of chicken fillet sandwiches and breakfast tortes to keep up its sales and position as the most loved brand or one of the top restaurant chains in the world. Opening of new stores are also on the anvil.


KFC – restaurant chain is going to introduce more cost effective sandwiches and larger ones at that to maintain its most coveted position of being one of the top restaurant chains.


Burger King – promoting regional menu to stimulate sales and excitement is what Burger King is employing in order to retain its position as one of the best restaurant chains in the world. Immensely popular and loved by both young and old alike, this restaurant chain is using its best advertising efforts to lure customers.


Starbucks Coffee – the cuppa culture was introduce by Starbucks. Coffee has become a global icon and Starbucks gets full credit. Try the new concoctions and mixes this year too!


Subway – sandwiches, wraps, rolls etc are on the menu this year too. Take a break to relish them.


Pizza Hut – hand tossed traditional pizza has aided Pizza Hut to come out on top to be considered as one of the top restaurant chains. New products and record sales are expected year after year.


Wendy's – attracting younger crowd by the introduction of double ounce hamburger is the next agenda of Wendy's.


Taco Bell – as an integral part of the restaurant chain's Project 300, Taco Bell is planning to introduce a full breakfast menu. Sure to be a hit!


Domino's Pizza – synonymous with its 30 minute pizza delivery service, Domino's hit a nerve that none else could. One of the best restaurant chains, is now aiming for consistent growth through excellent service and opening new stores.


Dunkin Donuts – marketing donuts through its stores, Dunkin Donuts plan expansions this year.


These top restaurant chains are an integral part of everyday life of people. Here in lies their success!





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Top 10 Restaurant Chains