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5 Best Restaurants In Soho

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Soho in New York is a bustling place, upscale locality with excellent, trendy restaurants. There are several good restaurants one can try out for their ambience and cuisine then there are some restaurants that stand out and should be tried if you are in the vicinity. Check out these 5 Best Restaurants in Soho for yourself and see what I mean.



This brick walled restaurant with French paintings is classy and inviting. The food and ambience is great. History of this restaurant is interesting with two brothers from France who bought a small restaurant and tried selling whatever they made by inviting passers-by. The word spread and people came from all around. Their popular dishes are the poached mackerel topped with lemon juice, big eye tuna ‘nicoise’, the grilled local squid. Frisee with lardoons and poached duck egg are as interesting as their dessert list. You do not want to miss this top restaurant in Soho

Mercer Kitchen:

This restaurant is located in the trendy Mercer hotel with Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s eatery matches and is another top restaurant in Soho. The dining has brick walls with glass bubbles through which one can see the passers by overhead. An open kitchen that has a very eclectic menu is the hallmark of this place. Their specials are the steamed shrimp salad with avocado, mushroom and tomato in Champagne vinaigrette or try the NY strip and finish it with Valhrona chocolate cake.

Blue Ribbon Brasserie:

The place is crowded and lively but the dining staff manages the crowd, the noise and the appetite very well. The seafood here is excellent and the chef’s passions are evident. Try the foie gras terrine paella basquez, spicy catfish and pupu platter. Enjoy the cacophony and camaraderie here.

Boqueria Soho: 

Tapas bars are popular in Spain and boqueria gives you a chance to try Barcelona’s famed tapas bars without going to Spain. They are open from noon to midnight and are located in the historic Faltiron district. They also have an extensive wine list. An open kitchen and a 70 seat dining room with glorious food and infectious energy is what it is all about.


Across the subway stations sits this restaurant is located with an open, cheery and airy interior. An outdoor terrace seats thirty surrounded by sea grass and garden flowers. An indoor banquet seating for 80, a cocktail lounge and an oyster raw bar are the interiors. It enjoys popularity among the locals. The husband and wife team of Jeremy and Jennifer Marshall have a menu of fresh oyster from around the world along with crab cake napoleon, exotic seafood plateau, Bouillabaisse and falafel crusted salmon. Aquagrill brunch is voted #1 brunch by Zagat NYC for the past six years and is soon climbing the ladder to be a top restaurant in Soho.

So if your vacation takes you to Soho don't miss these top and best restaurants listed above.


Image Credit: Raoul's & Soho Restaurants

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5 Best Restaurants In Soho